Here is how Ryan and the gang arrive in Danny Phantom's world in Crash, Thomas and Ryan meet Danny Phantom.

(we see Ryan Tokisaki with Optimus)

Ryan Tokisaki: So. Prime. You think that Megatron is good? I did mention him back in the Date A Live world.

Optimus Prime: Of course. He has been since we saved him from Unicron.

Ryan Tokisaki: I guess he lost his interest in inflicting oppresion. Same thing for Evil Ryan in the Rainbow Rocks film.

Optimus Prime: Indeed.

Sci-Ryan: Come on. Come on. How hard is this crossword to crack?

Ryan Tokisaki: I just heard that Knock Out's on his way back with a new adventure.

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah.

[Knock Out drives in and transforms just in time to catch a syringe Ratchet drops]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Nice catch, Knock Out.

Knock Out: Thanks. Anyways, I found another key to another world.

Optimus Prime: What is it?

Nighlock:(flies up and sees it is a literal key, but is faintly glowing green) Why is it glowing?

Knock Out: It must be one of those "it glows brighter the closer you get to the door" kind of keys.

Nighlock: How bright was it glowing when you found it?

Knock Out: Like a dimming light, but clearly trying to come on.

Major Malfunction: That means the door was halfway from your position.

Ranyx: Let me pinpoint this thing.

[He then grabs the key and turns in all directions]

Flitter: I hope you can do it.

[he then sees it glow a little brighter when facing West]

Nighlock: You are warmer, Ryan.

Ranyx: I'm Ranyx. I'm Ryan's Nobody, Nighlock.

[He moves foward]

Nighlock:[opens a portal to where Knock Out found the key]

[they go inside as they continue moving, the key glows brighter and brighter]

Ranyx: Nearly there.

[He hums the tune "Shiny" as he move closer and the key glows more brighter]

Ranyx: Too bright!

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