This is how Ryan and the gang find Sci-Ryan and Odette goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet the Swan Princess.

[Ryan shines a torch and saw a bush move]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey. Guys. I think we found them. Sci-Ryan! Odette! Is that you?!

[A cat meows and runs]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oggy? Will you get out of here? You're messing with the rescue mission.

Oggy the Cat: Sorry. I am looking for Odette like you, techno-organic.

Crash Bandicoot: Hi, Oggy. What are you doing in Odette's world?

Oggy the Cat: I was looking for the Crystal Prep chap and his princess friend same as you, Red and Star Song.

Matau T. Monkey: You know where they are?

Oggy the Cat: Yes. They are at Swan Lake.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks. You can join us. I hope the sheep don't tell us to [mimics sheep's voice] Go baaa-ck.

Cody Fairbrother: Ha! That's funny, bro.

Sunset Shimmer: Let's go find Sci-Ryan and Odette.

[The gang follows Oggy. At Swan Lake]

Sci-Ryan: Ok, Odette. What is the matter? Why are you so sad?

Odette: Because, Sci-Ryan..[sniffs] I am under the spell so I turn into a swan when the moonlight leave the lake.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. At least... Ryan's on his way.

Red (Angry Birds): Now you started to sound like Chuck.

[Back to the gang. Crash heard someone]

Ryan F-Freeman: What is it, Crash?

Crash Bandicoot: There's someone talking, just at a lake.

Evil Ryan: Follow Crash.

[Cody and the others follow Crash and they saw Sci-Ryan and Odette]

Evil Ryan: Sci-Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Odette?

Odette: [gasps] Ryan! Derek send you to find me!

Ryan F-Freeman: Actually, my friends and I heard Sci-Ryan's Wha-ha-ha-Hooy yell.

Odette: Oh. Right.

Flain (EG): Ryan! [hugs Sci-Ryan] You survived! How?

Sci-Ryan: When the demon dropped me here, the soft ground broke my fall.

Adagio Dazzle: Talk about throwing down the gauntlet. This Crystal Prep student is a lucky boy to survive. A bit brave. Seems he think he already got a true heart for Odette.

[Zig flies out of a portal and hits Evil Ryan then falls onto the ground]

Evil Ryan: Zig!? Where did you come from?!

Zig (Zig and Sharko): From Rothbart's lair, Evil Ryan. I betrayed him to help Odette.

Oggy the Cat: And who is with him?

Zig (Zig and Sharko): This boy wearing Rothbart's outfit. Ryvine.

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