This is how Ryan and the gang gain new powers and Gloriosa's deal with Ryvine goes in Ryan's and Crash's Adventures of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Legend of Everfree.

[At the tent site, Ryan is with Sci-Twi]

Timon: Ryan? You remember what Sci-Twi did?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Timon. I think you and Pumbaa are in human form.

[Timon nods and Ryan then sniffs the air]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey. Did you smell something? [sniffs the air some more] It's not me or Sci-Twi. I... I think I smell a rat. [sniffs] Oh well. Must be my imagination.

[Sci-Twi gasps]

Ryan F-Freeman: What did I do?

Sci-Twi: I think it's that you just sniff the air like my pet dog, Spike.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Right.

Evil Anna: Is this power good, Skylynx?

Skylynx (EG): Yes.

Sci-Ryan: Let's see what I can point out. [moves hand in front of him then magic flies out, hitting Cody turning him into a toy]

[Ryan gasps and picks up Cody]

Ryan F-Freeman: Cody. You look like a Skylander. I didn't know that Orange wants to be a REAL toy.

[Crash giggles]

Sci-Ryan: Let me turn Cody to normal. [uses his magic on Cody] Hex!

[Cody turns to normal]

Cody Fairbrother: What just happened?

Sci-Ryan: I think I put my hand out then magic comes of my hand and hexes you. [gasps on realization] I got Lucinda's hexing powers! Yeah!

[Sci-Twi hugs Sci-Ryan]

Timon: Ha. Why would Bertram say Sci-Twi's first name like Twilight at the last event of the Friendship Games, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Not really sure.

Crash Bandicoot: Maybe he can't say anything else but Twilight, Ryan.

[Ryan nods and saw Black Infernite Max flying by]

Ryan F-Freeman: YIKES!!! He's back!

Timon: Black Infernite Max on the loss! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!![starts building]

Dr. Neo Cortex (Skylanders): Timon. Please. Calm down.

[Timon looks at the thing he built]

Thomas: Don't worry. He's back on his... well, you could say, Ryan. A tree?

Ryan F-Freeman: That is about it. Flain? Are you ok?

Black Infernite Max: Yeah. Why?

Ryan F-Freeman: I wonder how you change into that form?

[Crash and Black Infernite Max look at each other]

Matau T. Monkey: I wonder that will do. [uses his magic and shurikens hit the ground] Whoa. I got the powers of 10 battle classes in Skylanders Imaginators. [pulls out a violin] Ok, Timon. I hope you like this. [plays Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and starts walking] Look at me, Cody.

Cody Fairbrother: I can see that, Matau. Spike's not falling for it.

Matau T. Monkey: Wha? Hmmm.[plays Symphony No. 5 in C minor] So. You don't think Beethoven is not luring enough, do you? Well, how about some MOZART!? [plays Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]

Cody Fairbrother: Huh?

[Snakes arrive and hiss at Cody]

Cody Fairbrother: [panics] Matau! Stop! You're luring snakes!! STOP!!!!

[Matau stops and the snakes leave]

Ryan F-Freeman: What was that?

[Thomas shrugs then Cody's eyes turn white when he touch Ryan's arm, he saw Thomas' pony girlfriend Twilight at Ryan's coronation]

Thomas: Well done, Ryan! You are now a prince and a Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks, Thomas. Twilight could see me as a Prime-prince.

Twilight Sparkle: You did well, Ryan. You did well.

[Ryan smiles. Cody's eyes return to normal]

Cody Fairbrother: Whoa. Where's Sunset?

[Sunset comes over to Cody]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hi, Sunset. You saw what Cody did?

[Sunset nods]

Cody Fairbrother: Sunset. I think I can see and feel memories.

Sunset Shimmer: Than you have... [gasps]

Cody Fairbrother: You mean....

Ryan F-Freeman: What's wrong, Sunset?

[Sunset comes to Ryan]

Sunset Shimmer: I think Cody has the new magical abilities like me and my friends.

Ryan F-Freeman: You mean.... Cody has a new kind of power?

[Sunset nods]

Cody Fairbrother: YIPPIE! I got a new magic!

[Ryan smiles]

Sci-Ryan: I did know this camp is magical. [gives Cody a jelly baby] Have a jelly baby.

[The jelly baby starts to glow]

Sci-Ryan: Uh oh. Cody! Chuck it!

[Cody does and the jelly baby explodes on the ground near Ryan covering him in jelly]

Crash Bandicoot: [laughs] Are you ok, Ryan? [continues laughing]

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

Sci-Ryan: What happened to the jelly baby I gave you, Cody?

Cody Fairbrother: It exploded.

Timon: How did it do that? And how did I build this thing?

[Crash shrugs]

Ryan F-Freeman: I got something. Timon has the ability of a Master-builder, Flain can become Black Infernite Max whenever he wants to, Sci-Ryan has hexing powers like Lucinda the Little witch, I got the ability to detect scents by my dog-like sense of smell and Cody has the powers of Sunset and the Human Mane 5. But we need to check on the others.

Sunset Shimmer: Why?

Crash Bandicoot: I was wonder what other kind of powers they gained, Sunset. Does Ryan need a napkin?

[Sunset and Timon shrug and go to check on Thomas and the others]

Rigby (EG): Sunset. Timon. Hi. I was wondering I saw another character who has my name. Or is it my sister?

[Timon turns around to see Princess Odette at the docks]

Crash Bandicoot: Who is that princess?

Percy: I think it's Odette.

Meg Griffin: Ryan? What happened?

Ryan F-Freeman: I got a jelly baby blown up in my face, Meg.

[Meg nods then feels magic coming from her. She uses her magic on the Starrings and they start to float]

Scar (EG): Whoa! What's happening!?

Judge Clade Frollo (EG): Bertram! Aria! Could you get us down? Or up or something!?

Evil Ryan: Meg will get you guys down while I gained the ability to wield weapons without my techno-organic form and this. [uses his magic]

[A Sorcerer Doomlander from Skylanders: Imaginators appears]

Deadpool: [off-screen] Doomlander! Sorcerer class.

Sorcerer Doomlander: Be afraid of the Bananas!

Evil Ryan: Be afraid of the what?!

Crash Bandicoot: Did Megatron see a jelly baby explode?

Evil Anna: Might have.

Crash Bandicoot: Is that a Doomlander?

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess Evil me has his new magic, Sunset. [hugs Sunset]

Sunset Shimmer: Yep.

Deadpool: Doomlander, I have to kill you now, since I always kill bad guys. It's what I do.

Sorcerer Doomlander: What are you talking about?

Evil Ryan: Easy, Deadpool. How come you saw me summon a Doomlander like this one? I got this new magic to summon him like I read the Good Hero Cook book.

Deadpool: Ok.[shoots the Doomlander in the leg]

Sorcerer Doomlander: Owwww!!!

Aria Blaze: Really?

Bertram T. Monkey: What the duck is wrong with you?

Ryan F-Freeman: Heal! [uses his magic to heal the Doomlander's leg]

Deadpool: Hey, at least I didn't kill him.

Gloriosa Daisy: Have any of you taken him to a hospital yet?

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Deadpool. You think someone else needs your help?

[Deadpool nods and dives into a portal]

Thomas: Guess he won't need us. Where did this Doomlander come from?

Evil Ryan: Not sure.

Crash Bandicoot: Mind Magic.

[Evil Ryan nods and saw he is wielding four of his weapons in each of his two hands]

Timon: Whoa. Evil Ryan may got a new kind of magic.


Gloriosa Daisy: Alright, I'm here. Where are you?

Ryvine Sparkle: I'm here, my dear. [comes out of the shadows]

Gloriosa Daisy: Alright, what did you want to talk about.

[neither one seems to notice that Mystique is in the form of a bee to eavesdrop on the conversation]

Ryvine Sparkle: [grabs a bee and throws it away] GET OUT OF HERE! [to Gloriosa] I think I am here to offer you a deal.

Gloriosa Daisy: Ok. What deal will that be?

[the bee lands on a tree, and hides, neither not noticing it is still eavesdropping]

Ryvine Sparkle: I want to help you save your camp.

Deathstroke: We all do.

Gloriosa Daisy: And what will you and I do in return?

Ryvine Sparkle: I would have Ryan and his allies exterminated.

Gloriosa Daisy: Not Ryan. He's my friend.

Deathstroke: Ryan can turn to the Dark Side just as easily. We just need a little... help.[looks at Ultron, Loki, and Leader]

Ultron: Therefore, you won't have to hurt him.

Leader: I suggest you don't you don't underestimate Deadpool, however.

Ryvine Sparkle: I got it covered. [as Ryalight Glimmer come out of the shadows] He is from another dimension.

Loki: Leader has a point. Deadpool is not to be underestimated.

Deathstroke: He'll pull anything out of nowhere.

Ryalight Glimmer: Hello, my friends. What is the deal about?

[Gloriosa looks at Ryalight]

Gloriosa Daisy: Ryan? Is that you?

Ryalight Glimmer: Used to be.

Ryvine Sparkle: Chap. Who are you and how did you get that hair-do?

Ryalight Glimmer: My name is Ryalight Glimmer. I got this hair-do when I became who Starlight was so long ago.

Twivine Sparkle: How did you became what Starlight was, Ryalight?

Ryalight Glimmer: My friend, Princess Twilight Sparkle, joined Optimus in merging with Primus. And it tore our friendship apart.

Ryvine Sparkle: You was... grief-struck about Twilight?

[Ryalight nods and Gloriosa leaves the villains to check on the campers]

Ryvine Sparkle: And what did you do after Princess Twilight dove into Cybertron's core?

Ryalight Glimmer: I got mad and upset and decided to pursue my own path, which led me to becoming who I am now.

[Ryvine notices Gloriosa leaving and stops her with his magic]

Ryvine Sparkle: Ah-ah-ah. Where do you think you're going? [pulls her back] I know the very thing that can give you the power you need to save your camp. Come with me.

Ryalight Glimmer: Okay.

[They lead Gloriosa to somewhere. Back to Ryan and the gang, Ryan and the Sorcerer Doomlander saw Codylight]

Codylight Sparkle: Nice time at camp. Right, Ryan?

[Deadpool shows up again]

Deadpool: I'm back.[shows them three dead men] I just put these bank robbers to sleep.

Starlight Glimmer:[annoyed] Did you just seriously kill three bank robber who didn't need to die?

Evil Ryan: What do you think they are? Daleks?

[Bertram pulls out two Dalek like guns and shoot Deadpool then Ryan used his magic to teleport Deadpool out to the DC Comics world]

Thomas: He'll be back in 3, 2, 1.

[one of the robbers heads twitches]

Deadpool: See, that guy's not dead. He just moved.

Green Arrow: He didn't just move. He's probably in excruciating pain right now.

Deadpool: Well if he didn't just move, then maybe he won't feel this.[shoots the guy]

Sonata Dusk: Are you kidding me right now?!

Green Arrow: What are we gonna do with you?

Bertram T. Monkey: Let me test again. Exterminate!!!

[Bertram fires his guns at Deadpool]

Thomas: Nice shot.

[Ryan teleports Deadpool out of the EG world]

Sunset Shimmer: What are those, Bertram?

Bertram T. Monkey: Dalek-like guns, Sunset. Why?

[Cody gasps]

Ryan F-Freeman: Am I seeing two Codys?! Who are you and why did you come here?

Codylight Sparkle: That is no double, Ryan. Names Codylight Sparkle. I came here to follow you to see how you and Sci-Twi are doing.

[Ryan nods]

Crash Bandicoot: Nice. How come you become a Prime-prince, Codylight?

[Bertram put his weapons away]

Codylight Sparkle: Well, Crash. I became a Prime-prince the same way Ryan did.

[Ryan gasp]

Ryan F-Freeman: You became a Prime like me? What happened to your brother?

Codylight Sparkle: He was to sad about the loss of Twilight Sparkle. He was you from another dimension. On Cybertron, he saw Twilight and Optimus merge with your mentor, Primus. But, when he didn't stop, he became mad and upset. Starlight tried to help him, but he decided to abandon your friends and persue his own path. One that leads to him to becoming evil. And change his name to Ryalight.

Nighlock: Ouch.

[Mystique flies up to them in her bee form and changes back to her natural blue form]

Nighlock: Oh, hey Raven, what's up?

Mystique: It's Gloriosa. She just struck a deal with Ryvine and his allies.

Deadpool: Does that mean we get to kill Ryvine and his sister now?

Green Arrow: No, we do not kill people.

Deadpool: Awww.

[Ryan looks at Mystique]

Ryan F-Freeman: Do I know you?

[While she have a chat, Thomas has a think]

Thomas: [in mind] The magic might be something to do with us and Crash Fire showing up. If he saw Ryan, he would have him and Malfunction killed.

[Then Ryan hears loud singing from Sonata]


[Matau screams in pain while covering his ears]

Thomas: Too loud! Too loud for me!!!

Sonata Dusk: Twinkle, twinkle little star!~

Ryan F-Freeman and Nighlock: Find a happy place! Find a happy place! FIND A HAPPY PLACE!!!

[Sonata stops singing and saw Ryan]

Sci-Ryan: What was that? Sonata's new found power or my friend from the Swan Princess film called... Uh. Who is your sister, Rigby?

Rigby (EG): Odette.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yup. We'll see here in our Swan Princess adventure. But who turn me into a... a...?

Megatron: Swan?

Ryan F-Freeman: How did you know I was going to say?

Megatron: Just a lucky guess.

Crash Bandicoot: Good one. Megatron? I think Ryan understand the Dazzlings. You think they are his friends?

Megatron: Yes.

12th Doctor: Why?

Evil Ryan: Because, they hang out together almost all the time.

Timon: What is Megatron doing at Camp Everfree?

Thomas: Maybe he saw Ex-Terminator's blasts.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. Ryan would make a good Prime-prince.

Megatron: Prime-prince?

[Sci-Ryan points to Ryan]

Thomas: Anyways, I was going to go find the source of the magic.

Cody Fairbrother: Let the birds help out. [tweets a bird call]

Thomas: Thanks, Cody but I can handle it.

[Birds fly and land on Ryan's arms]

Crash Bandicoot: [laughs crazily] That is more funny like Sonata. [resumes laughing and falls on the ground]

Thomas: But besides, what Gloriosa said, I got this.

Codylight Sparkle: Is Gaia Everfree real?

Spikewave: Timber did know this, Codylight. You keep laying down the same beat and I keeg giving the same answer. She can't be real.

Cody Fairbrother: Huh? Who is that?

Codylight Sparkle: Cody. This is Spikewave.

Spikewave: Hello, friends. Mal didn't saw me cause I didn't forgive Flain.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hmmm. [his hand glows and Thomas starts to float]

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