This is how


Ryan F-Freeman: I hope I can find Sora.


Digimon Emperor: Well, well. If it isn't the Prime-Prince of Friendship, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Who are you?

Digimon Emperor: I'm the Digimon Emperor and I need you to be my general.

Ryan F-Freeman: I defeat some villains before and I can defeat you.

[Ryan fights the Digimon Emperor and defeats him]

Ryan F-Freeman: I did it. I could go tell Sora about...

[The Digimon Emperor sends a dark ring and it attaches to Ryan's arm. He gets a shock]

Ryan F-Freeman: AAAAHHHH!!!!!

[Ryan then gains some Keyblade armour like Ven's and Sunset's healmet with a black visor over his eyes. Ryan is now Armoured Spyro Nightmare]

Armoured Spyro Nightmare: I am ready to serve you, my emperor.

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