Ryan is fighting Tino and he defeated him

Ryan: Are you okay? Tino?

Tino wake up and he's not under their spell anymore

Tino: Where am I?

Sunset: You're okay!

She hug him

Tino: What happened to me?

Sunset: You've been under the spell from the Dazzlings, so Ryan is going to save you from them.

Ryan: I did well with my magics.

Sunset: And as for you, Dazzlings.

She slap the Dazzlings

Sunset: (Angry) Girls, you are Ryan's friends! If you don't reform for him, I will tell Principal Celestial about what you done!!! And Send you Juvie or Detention!! And Name you my Ladies!! So reform for him right now!!!!

They look scared of her Rage

Adagio: Ok. We surender!

Sonata: We'll be good! We promise!

Sunset: Good!

Ryan saw a Heartless coming

Ryan: Uh oh.

He and Tino went off


Brian and Steaks are wondering around the street after they got out of the portal that the Dazzling did and they saw the Heartless heading North

Brian: Heartless, where's it going?

They went off

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