This is how Ryan finds the Mask of Creation goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Bionicle.

[Ryan looks around and wonders where the Mask of Cration could be]

Ryan F-Freeman: Now. How will the Mask of Creation be seen here? I need to find it.

[Ryan senses Quintessa's powers]

Ryan F-Freeman: Quintessa's powers. I can know I absorbed them when I know the Prime of Life. I can use them to find the Mask.

[Ryan finds the Mask of Creation]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. I found it.

[Ryan picks it up. He looks at it and puts it on his face]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. It fits. That is a first.

[Ryan suddenly hears Ekimu]

Ekimu: (voice) Ryan. You found my mask.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ekimu?

Ekimu: (voice) Yes. It's me. You recovered my mask. You and your friends need to find me at my tomb.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Ekimu. And do you know I am a Prime?

Ekimu: (voice) Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman:

Ekimu: (voice)

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