This is how Ryan finds the Predacons and Unicron's return goes in Thomas' Adventures of Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising.

Ryan F-Freeman: They've gotta be around here somewhere.

[Meanwhile back at Darkmount]

Smokescreen: "Lord Smokescreen" emperor of destruction.

Bulkhead: How can you sit there? That's some bad mojo.


Bumblebee: What do you know? Knock Out actually shot straight for once.

Arcee: What'd you have to do? Buff his finish?

Bumblebee: Close. Let's download the data and get out of here.

Bulkhead: Hey. Something's heading our way.


Arcee: Predaking?

Bumblebee: Moving too fast.

Bulkhead: Starscream?


Unicron: Minions of the Prime, prepare to be obliterated!

Bumblebee: Megatron?

Smokescreen: You skewered buckethead with a giant saber and managed to miss his Spark?

Arcee: How are you still alive?

Bulkhead: And where'd you score the upgrade?

Unicron: Megatron cannot answer you at this moment, though I can inform you with utmost authority that he owes his new lease on life to me Unicron! And I will not be so easy to deliver into oblivion.

Midnight Sparkle (Bad Clone): And I will finally be able to gather enough magic so that I can permanently understand what it is capable of.

Crash Bandicoot: No, Sci-Twi. She will help Ryan understand magic.

Sci-Twi: Uh, Crash? I'm standing right next to you.

Crash Bandicoot: Not now, Sci-Twi. I am trying to stop Sci-Twi and Megatron. [record scratches] Sci-Twi?! Well, if you're not in your Midnight Sparkle form, then that Midnight Sparkle is a clone!

Crash Bandicoot (EG): [in SpongeBob's voice] Huh?

[Crash summons his Keyblade and points it at Midnight (Bad Clone)]

Crash Bandicoot: Get back! You can't do this!

Midnight Sparkle (Bad Clone): Why not? There's a whole other world here and it's just filled with magic!

Crash Bandicoot: You can't destroy Cybertron and Earth to get it!

Evil Ryan: This bandicoot's got a Keyblade and he's not afraid to use it!

Midnight Sparkle: I don't care if both this planet and Earth get destroyed in the process! And so what? There's more magic here and any other world in the universe. AND I WANT TO UNDERSTAND IT ALL!!!!

Evil Ryan: No need to shout! I know you got Unicron on your side but with Sci-Twi, you can give her what she want. My friends and I been where you are. We made the same mistake he's making! Sunset put on a crown and Cody hang onto her and just like you and Megatron, they were overwhelmed by the magic it contained. They thought it could give them everything they wanted. I think I'm right. [Coughs]

Crash Bandicoot (EG): He's right!

Rigby: We would stop you!

Midnight Sparkle (Bad Clone): Oh, you're wrong. All of you are! Unlike them, I can have everything I want! And so can Unicron.

Bertram T. Monkey: We are right! You will have your plan exterminated! Cody and Sunset can have everything they want!

[Evil Anna grabs Sci-Twi's amulet then Cody and Sunset joins Crash]

Evil Anna: They can have everything they want, Midnight clone! And the thing is: Real magic comes from kindness! Loyalty! Trustwothyness! Laughter! Generosity! Confidance! Forgiveness!

Ryan F-Freeman: You want magic? Well, Sci-Twi and I will show you the most powerful magic of all time!!

[Crash uses Sci-Twi's amulet to transform Sci-Twi, Sunset, Cody and himself]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman and Midnight Sparkle: The Magic of Friendship.

Unicron: How... is this posible?

[In Megatron's mind]

Megatron: That's Dark Ryan and his girlfriend.

Unicron: She's the original Midnight Sparkle. But she's changed. How?

Megatron: Ryan offered to teach her about magic and what it is capable of.

Unicron: Is that true?

Megatron: No. She's a means to your end of your reign.

Unicron: What!?

[Megatron chuckles. in reality]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, bro. Sunset and I handle Midnight and Unicron.

[Rainbine points her gun which Ryan can grab it]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Rainbine. I can handle this.

Bertram T. Monkey: Dark Ryan and I can kill you and your bud like Crash killed you, Galvatron. Besides, he is the Element of Heroism.

[in Megatron's mind]

Megatron: Crash Bandicoot?

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