Ryan found something

Tino: What did you find?

Ryan: Is this.

Tino: Ryan, I think you should put it away. It belongs to someone.

Ryan: Yeah. Who knows what is in it.

Tino: Don't open it. That boy needs it, and you know how sensitive he is.

Ryan: But I want to know what's inside.

Tino: No! Don't do it! Put it back!

Ryan: Alright fine, I'll give it back to him.

Tino: Good. And even though, Thomas got a Request for you.

Ryan: What kind of Request.

He give him a Phone

Ryan: Hello?

Thomas: (on phone) Ryan, I want you and Tino to come see me and Optimus.

Ryan: Why?

Thomas: (on phone) Because we need to talk

Ryan: Okay, we're coming.

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