Ryan found Lord Vortech

Ryan: Vortech!!!

Vortech: Look who's here.

Ryan: You took my body. I will make sure you never take anything again!

Peter: You made Brian and Stewie trapped in the Realm of Darkness!!!

Lois: You will pay for what you did to my baby!

Vortech: And for what? You heroes don't like Kamen Guts?



Lord Vortech:

They are going to fight him

Vortech: You are weak like you're friends, Ryan. You are alone.

Then their friends are here

Thomas: You're not alone, Ryan.

Ryan: My friends are my power, and I am thiers!

They are fighting him

Vortech: You're weak to save Brian and Stewie!

[Ryan gets angry]

Ryan: You will pay!!!!

They are fighting him and Vortech has been sucked into the Portal

Ryan: I'm going after him!

He went to the portal to fight him again and now he and Lord Vortech are gonna fight

Ryan: It all come down to this. You against me.

Lord Vortech: Your body is MINE!!!

They are fighting and Ryan won

Ryan: It's time for you to be gone!

He sealed Lord Vortech and head back to his friends

Ryan: We won!

They cheered for him after they save the world

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