This is how Ryan goes into the Security Recordings goes in My Little Pony: The Revenge of Thunderwing.

Princess Celestia: If you go into the security recordings, you will only find pain.

Princess Luna: For the Cons and Daleks, they might have done something.

Ryan F-Freeman: I must know.

[The security recordings show Twilight

Ryan F-Freeman: It can't be. It can't be.

Princess Celestia:

Princess Luna: There's more.

Thunderwing: You have done well, my new apprentice. Now, Nightmare Twilight, go and bring peace to Unicron.

[Ryan turns off the recordings]

Ryan F-Freeman: I can't watch anymore.

Princess Celestia: We must destroy Thunderwing and Unicron, Ryan, my student.

Princess Luna: Yeah. What she said.

Ryan F-Freeman: Send me to kill Thunderwing. I will not kill Twilight.

Princess Celestia: You're not strong enough to fight Thunderwing.

Princess Luna:

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