This is how Ryan makes robo-bodies for Orange and his friends and the birth of the Auto-fruit goes in Thomas' Adventures of Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising.

Ryan F-Freeman: They should be finished any minuet now guys.

Annoying Orange: Ok, Ryan. You put the mettle to the peddle. [Laughs]

[Ryan smiles and laughs a bit]

Pear: Don't forget we're fighting a world dominating robot here.

Grapefruit: We need something to fight cons.

[Ryan finishes the project and shows the fruit what it is]

Midget Apple: Wow! They look like from Angry Birds Transformers! What are those?

Ryan F-Freeman: Robo-bodies.

Pear: Wow! I think they're great. I'll pick the one that turn into a tank.

[Ryan nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: [opens the door] Hop in.

[Pear jumps in and the door closes behind him. The robo-body starts to move]

Annoying Orange: Whoa! Pear. Nice treads for feet.

Pear: Thanks.

Grandpa Lemon: I'll pick the jet one. Back in the Fruit Air Force, we got cool nicknames like "Ripcord". My is "Snoozey Boy".

[Ryan opens the door and picks up Grandpa Lemon]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hop in.

Grandpa Lemon: Ok. I hope this...[falls asleep]

Ryan F-Freeman: [shakes him awake and shoves him in] Just get in there.

Grandpa Lemon: Ok, Ryan.

[Ryan closes the door and the robo-body starts to move]

Annoying Orange: Cool.

[Ryan opens the door of the robo-body that looks like Galvatron pig]

Ryan F-Freeman: Midget Apple. You want to hop in?

Midget Apple: No sweat, Boba Fett.

[Ryan chuckles at the joke and lifts Midget Apple]

Midget Apple: Thanks. I can take it from here.

[Midget Apple hops in and closes the door]

Ryan F-Freeman: Okay.

Midget Apple: Neato Burrito!

[Ryan chuckles at the joke]

Grapefruit: I pick the Sentinel Prime bird body one. Since the guy was so big and tough back then.

Passion Fruit: I think so. The bike one is fine with me.

Marshmellow: Yay. I love the Optimus Prime bird one.

Annoying Orange: Guess I'm with this Lockdown Pig one.

[Ryan opens the door of the Lockdown pig body and Orange jumps in]

Annoying Orange: Cool.

Ryan F-Freeman: What teamname shall I call you?

[Pear shurgs]

Annoying Orange: Since the name "Autobots" was taken, you should call us "Auto-fruit".[laughs]

[Ryan then gets an idea]

Ryan F-Freeman: That's actually not a bad idea, Orange.

Annoying Orange: Why, thank you, Ryan. Wait, what?

Pear: It was a joke.

Ryan F-Freeman: No. It is a new name Orange came up with.

[Pear nods and Ryan puts Pasion Fruit in a bike transformer]

Grapefruit: You think I can pilot this?

[Ryan nods and opens a door for Grapefruit]

Grapefruit: This is amazing!

Ryan F-Freeman: It is, Grapefruit. Hop in.

[Grapefruit hops in and closes the door]

Annoying Orange: That make us better then an agent..

Ryan F-Freeman: Orange?

Annoying Orange: [laughs] Made you say Agent Orange.

[Ryan laughs]

Thomas: That's nice. You think Megatron is gone forever?

Sunset Shimmer: Not if we free him from Unicron's control, he's not.

Ryan F-Freeman: I still think he's gone forever.

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