This is how Ryan meets Sharpshot, Kickback, and Hardshell goes in


Sharpshot: Ohhhh, what do we have here?

Kickback: Is it something to eat, eat, eat?

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool. Those robots share some of their CNA with some bugs.

Hardshell: Hey! What'd he call us!

Sharpshot: I don't know. Let's scrap him!

Hardshell: Let me!

[Ryan Uses his magic to defeat Hardshell]

Kickback: Ohhh, you won't get by me, me, me!

[Ryan throws an EMB at Kickback stunning him]

Sharpshot: Do I have to do everything myself?!

[Ryan uses his magic to knock Sharpshot to the floor]

Sharpshot: Snuff my spark and be done with it then.

Ryan F-Freeman: There is another alternative.

[As Ryan prepares his Keyblade, the scene change to Crash and the others]

Matau T. Monkey: Let me get them, Master Ryan!

Ryan F-Freeman: Hold your fire, Matau. That's no way to welcome our new recruits.

Matau T. Monkey: R-r... Recruits? Uhhh. Welcome aboard.

Evil Ryan: Wow.

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