Ryan: I think my magic can fix this.

Cody: Are you sure?

Ryan: Don't worry. I got this to do.

He going to reassemble the Foundation Elements

Cody: Ryan, you can't do it.

Ryan: I am not going to do what Vortech did. He is gone now. And so is my darkness.

Cody: You have to returned those back to their own dimensions.

Ryan: Ok. So they can be safe.

Cody: Yeah. You did well when you got turned to Ansem. It's like what Riku did.

Ryan: Alright, I'll put them back to their own dimensions now.

He toss those Foundation Elements to the Portals​

Cody: Good. Let's go home.

Ryan: Yeah. You could help me train my light powers. Brother, the Hero of Darkness.

They heading back home together.

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