This is how Ryan stops Meg from making a vow and Matau's quiz show goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet the Swan Princess.

[Ryan flies inside Uberta's castle and Mighty Eagle hits Meg in the face]

Ryan F-Freeman: MEG!!!! Stop what you're doing and don't make a vow to this impostor!

Emmet: You have to listen to Ryan, Meg.

Meg Griffin: Ryan? You think I'm in love with a fake?!

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: Don't listen to him, Meg. Remember: This is our big night.

Ryan F-Freeman: Meg! Don't listen to him. I'm the REAL Ryan!

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: Don't listen to him! He's obviously a changeling.

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, if I was a changeling. [looks at the camera] Which I'm not! [to 2nd Ryan] At least I'm well put together with Twilight. Not a meanie to Flain and Human Flain.

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: Who are you calling "meanie", you talking swan?

Matau T. Monkey: QUIET!!!!!! Until I know who the real Master Ryan is, nobody move. Nobody gets hurt.

Evil Ryan: He's right, everypony. Mal might be one of you with magic in you.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope you know it's someone, Evil me.

Matau T. Monkey: Ok, you two. I think I'm going to ask you some questions. Questions only the real Master Ryan can answer.

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Ok.

Matau T. Monkey: First question. Who does Master Ryan and Sci-Twi turn into in the Friendship Games?

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: Uummmm.

Ryan F-Freeman: Dark Ryan F-Freeman and Midnight Sparkle.

Matau T. Monkey: Right. [to 2nd Ryan] You got one strike, Prince Fake.

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: But...

Matau T. Monkey: Shut your pie hole! I'm running this quiz show for Deadpool and I'll ask the questions. If there's going to be any "Buts", they're going to be from me. All righty then, question two: What world does Mal try to take over?

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: Planet Mixle.

Matau T. Monkey: In the Rise of Dark Ryan F-Freeman...

Ryan F-Freeman: It's Equestria.

Matau T. Monkey: Right again. [to 2nd Ryan] You're starting to look so phony about now. Bertram would be nervous if he was you. Now only the really, really REAL Master Ryan can answer this. If we help Human Flain in our LEGO Dimensions adventure, and when Lord Vortech is defeated after Human Flain transferred back to Crystal Prep, what do we do?

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: That's an easy one. Well.... if Flain helps out and.... when he goes to stay at Crystal Prep... you... uh..... Pass?

[Evil Ryan grabs 2nd Ryan's arm and start absorbing his Mixle power]

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: AAAHHH!!! My POWER!

Evil Ryan: Oh.. yeah. We save Meg's vow for you, Ryan.

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: EVIL RYAN!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

Evil Ryan: Mixle Power. The new magic of the Mixles. I thought I have to tear you apart to take from you, but as always, Mal. Your friendship with Flain is your downfall and your past is today.

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: AHH!! ROTHBART!!! HELP ME! AHH!! I HATE FLAIN!!

Evil Ryan: You have opened your heart of your own freewill and my friends and I shall feed on the magic of Planet Mixle. We shall rise more powerful then ever.

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: NNNNOOOOOO!!!!!

[Evil Ryan lets go and Mal's Mixle power got drained]

Meg Griffin: Mal?

Ryan F-Freeman: I remember Twilight telling me that the fake Cadence is a changeling so the fake me is Mal from Total Drama.

Crash Bandicoot: Looks like your plan to make a vow to Meg is over, pal. Or should I say[shows Meg the 2nd Ryan with Mal's head in place of Ryan's] Mal?

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