Ryan, Tino, Brian and Stewie defeated the Heartless

Ryan: We did it!

Brian: We make a Great team!

Tino: Sure, we do!

They laugh

Brian: Listen, Tino. We have to take you home.

Tino: No worries. Trust me, that minion who looks like Lord Vortech is history. He'll never bad-mouth Ryan again.

Ryan heard what he said about Minion who looks like Lord Vortech.

Ryan: You say someone who look like Lord Vortech?

Tino: Um... Yes.

Ryan: I knew it. Tino, you let Brian and Stewie take you home.

Tino: Wait. I want to come with you.


Ryan: No, you can't come with me. We have a dangerous task ahead of us, I don't want you to be involved.

Stewie: So what is the Dangerous Task, Ryan? It's not like what Optimus told you about.

Ryan: It might be a different route, But I can defeat the Darkness inside me.

Brian: I don't think it was. Your friends told me everything about you, and I see what you have done in your adventures... You shouldn't just put yourself so close to the Darkness.

Tino: Listen to yourself, Brian. Ryan would never-

Ryan: So you two were spying on me? Is that what he said to do? Optimus's Order?

Brian and Stewie look away

Brian: He was only...

Tino: Brian... Stewie...

Ryan: I get it...

He walk away

Tino: Ryan!

Ryan: Just stay put! I'm on my own now, alright?

Brian: Ryan, listen! Optimus has no reason to distrust you really, he was just worried.

Tino: You awful, you two.

Brian: So now you know, but Optimus cared for Ryan. And you know that too.

Tino: We're you also order to take me home?

Both: (Sigh)

Tino: Brian, Stewie. Now that you the Keyblade Master. You have to let go of your head. I'm going to find Ryan on my own.

He went off to find him

Hours Later

He found him

Tino: Ryan! Take me with you!

Ryan: I cannot let you come with me.

Tino: Why not?

Ryan: I just- When I really need you, Tino. I know I'll be there.

Tino: Well, why wouldn't I? You're my friend.

Ryan: Yeah, thanks.

He left the Town and Tino remember what he said

Ryan: I just- when I really need you, Tino. I know you'll be there.

Tino know what he said, he need to find Brian and Stewie

Tino: I better go find Brian and Stewieh.

He went off to find Brian and Stewie

Minutes Later

Tino: Brian! Stewie!

They saw him coming

Brian: Tino, did you find Ryan?

Tino: I did, but he left.

Stewie: I see, But we can't stay here.

Tino: Let's go together.

Brian: No, you can't come with me. Do as we and go home.

Tino: Why not?

Stewie: We don't want to put you in harm's way. Understand?

They left the city and Tino look sad


Ryan saw Makuta and Tirek hurting his friends

Ryan: Tirek.

Tirek: Prince Ryan.

Ryan: What did you do to them!?

Tirek: Making them suffer.

Ryan: That's it! No one's going to mess with me and my friends!

So he and Makuta merge into Ryankuta

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