This is how Ryan vs. Thunderwing goes in Thunderwing's Revenge.

[Ryan appears at ]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. This power is so good.

Thunderwing: RYAN F-FREEMAN!

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh oh. Thunderwing.


[Ryan flies past Thunderwing]

Thunderwing: You're going to give me what I want.

Ryan F-Freeman: Nope. [teleports out of the scene]

[Thunderwing destroys ]

Thunderwing: Now I understand what the princesses have done!

Ryan F-Freeman: You will be exterminated!

[Ryan and Thunderwing battle, with neither gaining the upper hand]

Thunderwing: It appears we are at an impasse. How about a trade, Ryan F-Freeman? [Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Thorax, Discord, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance appear in cages made of Dark Energon above Thunderwing] Their release for all the Alicorn magic in Equestria.

Ryan F-Freeman: Never!

Thunderwing: Then you will the honor of watching me execute them one-by-one, starting with Princess Twilight Sparkle. [aims his arm-cannon at Twilight]

[Crash swings his Keyblade at Thunderwing making him miss Twilight]

Thunderwing: ENOUGH!

[Thunderwing than freezes Ryan in place and swats Crash away and drains all the Alicorn magic out of Ryan as Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Thorax, Discord, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance watch in horror]


Ryan F-Freeman: I still got my magic.

Thunderwing: I have all the Alicorn magic. You have nothing. It's over, evil wins.

Ryan F-Freeman: Not this time. [clings on to Thunderwing and absorbs all the Alicorn magic] Let us do it again.

Thunderwing: Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wait! You said you want to release them?

[Thunderwing nods]

Twilight Sparkle: RYAN! What are you doing?!

Thomas: Are you crazy?! He will kill us all!!!

Ryan F-Freeman: Not if I can help it.

Thunderwing: Enough! I want an answer and I want it right now!

Evil Ryan: Thunderwing. I have Unicron's blood in me. What deal do you want to make with Ryan?

Thunderwing: The deal is, former follower of Unicron, give me all the Alicorn magic for the release of your pony friends.

Ryan F-Freeman: Let me guess. I have to give you the Alicron magic so you could release my friends, or keep it and never see them again?

Thunderwing: Exactly.

Crash Bandicoot: C'mon, Thunderwing. Unicron is gone. I banished him to Wasteland after Ryan fooled him into giving the Allspark vessel only to a trap.

Thunderwing: Then I will avenge him. Now what's it going to be, Ryan? Give me all the Alicorn magic or never see your friends again?

Ryan F-Freeman: Let me think. Mmm hmmm. I'll give you the Alicorn magic under one condition. Release my friends and leave my magic out of this!

Thunderwing: As you wish. [releases everyone except Princess Twilight Sparkle]

Ryan F-Freeman: I said ALL of my friends!

Thunderwing: Twilight Sparkle is your friend? [points to Princess Twilight Sparkle] After she has revived me because I was controlling her mind, you still call her a friend?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. When my friends and I got new magic, we will give you a nice new home. Now release her!

Thunderwing: If that's what you want. [releases Princess Twilight]

Twilight Sparkle: Thank you, Ryan. [to Princess Celestia] I'm sorry.

Princess Celestia: I know.

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight. I have to do the sacrifice to save you.

Thunderwing: Your turn.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wait. Wait. Wait. I think you done this before. Allow me to do the honors.

[Ryan uses his magic to transfer the Alicorn magic to Thunderwing while screaming in pain]

Thunderwing: Yes. YES! All magic of Equestria be MINE. Ha ha ha ha! Symbiosis! I CAN FEEL IT!

Ryan F-Freeman: You will never get away with this.

Thunderwing: What does that make you, Ryan? A Prime?

Ryan F-Freeman: PRIME-prince.

[Thunderwing pats Ryan's head]

Thunderwing: And if you want to fight me again, you know where I am. As for Ryvine, I got rid of him.

[Twilight runs to Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight. I did the right thing to save you.

Twilight Sparkle: Yep.

Crash Bandicoot: Why you save Twilight, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Because, Twilight is my best friend along with Matau, the Dazzlings and all of you. [to Thunderwing] You used her?

Thunderwing: I used her. She used the Magic of Friendship. What does it really matter?

Ryan F-Freeman: The Dazzlings are at the base. But, still, here I am. Fighting you to save Twilight and everypony on this world. I assure you that I am a student of Princess Celestia and your master's brother, Primus.

Thunderwing: After this, I will finish what my master started, starting with destroying his brother.

Evil Ryan: But. To destroy Primus. Is to destroy Thomas' homeworld, Cybertron?

Thunderwing: I don't care, now Twilight show where your true loyalty lies.

[Twilight's eyes turn purple]

Evil Ryan: Twilight?

Thunderwing: Come, my faithful servant, let's go celebrate our victory.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thunderwing? One thing? How come Twilight is your servant?

Thunderwing: Because she has the Blood of Unicron flowing through her veins.

Evil Ryan: Dark Energon? We could find a way to purify her.

[Ryan nods]

Thunderwing: I don't think so. Now come my faithful servant.

[Thunderwing and Twilight fly off to celebrate their victory]

Ryan F-Freeman: I vow, Twilight. I will save you.

[Princess Celestia comes to Ryan]

Princess Celestia: Ryan, you did well

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