This is how Ryan vs. Vanitas and Solus Prime's death goes in My Little Pony Transformers: The Phantom Menace.

[We then see Ryan and Vanitas battling each other]

Ryan F-Freeman: Getting to know about you~

Vanitas: Stop singing! This is a fight. Not a musical number.

Deadpool: Bam!

Ryan F-Freeman: Uggh! [Cuts Vanitas' Keyblade in half and pushes Deadpool into a pit]

[Ryan and Vanitas

[Vanitas makes Ryan drop his Keyblade and kicks him into the pit]

[Vanitas then kicks Ryan's Keyblade into the pit as well]

Ryan F-Freeman: How about two out of three?

[Vanitas then starts slicing at Ryan trying to get him]

[Ryan then starts using the Force to pull Solus' Forge to him]

[Ryan jumps up and catches the Forge as it flies to him]

[Vanitas turns in time to see Ryan slam the Forge through his torso]

[Vanitas falls into the pit as he is revealed to have been cut in half]

[Ryan runs over to Solus while Deadpool contacts medical aid]

[Ryan holds Solus in his arms, tears in his eyes]

Ryan F-Freeman: Solus...

Solus Prime: [dying] It's too late, it's...

Ryan F-Freeman: No, don't say that...

Solus Prime: [dying] Ryan, promise... promise me you will train the girl...

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, master.

Solus Prime: [final words] She... is the Chosen One. She... will bring balance... Train her...[dies]

[Ryan sniffs and uses his two fingers to close Solus' optics and hugs Deadpool, crying]

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