This is how Ryan vs Grievous goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Revenge of the Sith.

[Ryan arrives at Equessokyo]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello. I think I need a ride.

Tuma: What brings you here?

Ryan F-Freeman: I was wondering if I can get to ride on a beast.

Tuma: Of course.

Ryan F-Freeman: And some information.

Tuma: What sort of information?

[He motioned for some creatures to fuel his ship]

[Tuma leaned in to whisper into Ryan's ear]

Tuma: He's here. We're being held hostage. They're watching us.

Ryan F-Freeman: Who is with him?

Tuma: Lots and lots of Daleks, Vehicons, and Battle Droids.

Ryan F-Freeman: Where can I find him?

Tuma: He's on the tenth level.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank you.

[They bow to each other and go their separate ways]



[We then see Ryan watching his ship go into space]


General Grievous: It won't be long before the armies of the Keyblade Autobots track us here. I am sending you to the Cyberfar system in the Outer Rim.

[Ryan rides on Grimlock from AOE. Back to the villains]

General Grievous: It is a vocanic planet with Transformium. You will be safe there.

Kaos: Safe? Plah! Princess Luna manage to escape your clutches, General. Without Lord Starkiller helping us, I have some concerns about your stupid ways to keep us safe.

General Grievous: Is that it, Kaos. You have just found yourself in my grief.

Dan Phantom: [chuckles at what he said]

General Grievous: What are you laughing about?

Dan Phantom: You said grief. And your name is General Grievous.

General Grievous: [sighs at this, unammused]

[Ryan is extremely annoyed]

General Grievous: Your ship is waiting.

[They leave]

[Just as Dan is about to leave]

General Grievous: Not you, Dan. Nightmare Moon personally requested you join her on Equestria.

Dan Phantom: Tell her I'm on my way, then.

[Ryan thinks for a moment. He takes off his hat then jumps down to the floor]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello. You think I like Minions?

[Grievous turns to see Ryan]

General Grievous: General F-Freeman. You are a bold one. [chuckles, to the Magnaguards] Kill him.

[The Magnaguards activate their electro staffs and approach him]

[Ryan gets out his Keyblade]

[The Magnaguards approach him]

[Ryan looks up and uses the Force to pulls a large metal vent on top of them]

[One Magnaguard survives, but Ryan destroys it]

[The Battle Droids, Vehicons, and Daleks prepare to fire at him]

General Grievous: Back away. I will deal with this Jedi slime myself.

Ryan F-Freeman: Your move.

General Grievous: You fool. I've been trained in your Jedi arts by Lord Starkiller.

[General Grievous pushes off his cape and then activates all his arms and then pulls out his all four lightsabers]

General Grievous: Attack, F-Freeman.

[Ryan gets ready]

General Grievous: [twirls his lightsabers fastly and approaches him]

[They clash against each other]

[Ryan slides his Keyblade upwards and cuts off Grievous' bottom right arm]

[Grievous looks from his severed arm and back at Ryan]

[Ryan and Grievous continue battling until Ryan cuts off his bottom left arm]

Ryan F-Freeman: Missing something?

[Grievous growls in rage]

Ryan F-Freeman: Is someone mad?

[Suddenly, the Equestrian Trooper ships fire upon the droids, Vehicons, Cybermen, Daleks, and Heartless]

[Equestrian Troopers hop out of the ships]

[Grievous looks at Ryan]

General Grievous: Army or not, you must realize you are doomed.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think not. FORE!!!!

[He hops onto his bike and rides off]

Ryan F-Freeman: [whistles]

[Grimlock AOE runs up to him and Ryan gets on and chases after Grievous]

[However, as Grimlock jumps, Ryan drops his Keyblade]

[Commander Rictor is firing his blaster when he sees the Keyblade land next to him]

Commander Rictor: [picks it up and looks up]

[Ryan continues pursuing Grievous]

[Grievous sees him and grabs an electro staff]

[Ryan rides up and grab the electro staff from him]

[He then shocks Grievous causing him to fall off his bike and pull Ryan with him as AOE Grimlock is left behind]

[The chase continues]

[They then crash at a platform]

[Both get back up]

[Ryan grabs the electro staff]

[Grievous blocks, and fights Ryan]