Ryan get up and he's facing Lord Vortech

Vortech: Well done. I know this was a adventure you make. Over the hidden wall that devides dark and light. I was not wrong, Kamen Guts lover!

Ryan summon his Keyblade

Ryan: My Friend, Tino... you tell this, Vortech.. what did you do to him!?

Vortech: Well. I told him that Kamen Guts is bad then unleash the darkness inside him. Alas. Poor Tino could have joined me to get Nate's grandfather.

Ryan: Vortech!

They clash each other

Vortech: Go take what Tino owns you. And take the lives of a dog and a baby!

His Minion is going to take over Tino and destroy Brian and Stewie, Ryan is gonna stop him, but Vortech block his way

Vortech: You see how weak you are to save Sci-Ryan and friends? Save that rage. Your hate and anger will power you!

Ryan: You will pay for it, Lord Vortech. Was my friend.... no. My partner Sci-Ryan not enough for you? Leave my friends and ALLIES ALONE!!!

He unleashing some Darkness inside him

Vortech: Yes, Prime-prince! Kamen Guts is the worst hero ever! Let the darkness impower you with rage!

Ryan: (Scream in Rage)


Mal appeared

Mal: How about you leave you friend here, so you can have you little fight with Ryan.

Brian: Who are you?

Mal: Oh. Mike's gone. I'm Mal!

Tino looks Angry

Mal: Oh. Looks like Kamen Guts is the bad guy. Is that right? I think you three have got some grand role to play. As if. You're only here so that when I finish you off... Ryan will succumb to the darkness. So who's gotta be next?

Tino: Shut up!

Mal: Oh, so this kid thinks he's a full-fledged Keyblade wielder? He got the angry look down.

Brian: Go ahead if you want to waste your time. Keep trying to drive us apart with your mind games. It'll never work!

He put Tino down

Stewie: Ryan will prove you he's stronger!

They are going to fight him

Tino: Brian! Stewie!

Brian and Stewie defeated Mal

Mal: Braig is right. Don't mess with Keyblade wielders. But... if Ryvine and Xehanort want me to buy time, I say they got it.

He escaped

Brian: What?

Stewie: Tino!

Tino: Brian! Stewie!

Then Vortech's Minion has knocked out Brian and Stewie, Tino gotta get himself free and save Brian and Stewie from Vortech's Minion

Tino: Stop!!!

He is fighting him and he defeated him

Minion: You done it, Tino. Now that my body is about to be perished. The X-Blade will be forged!

He unleashed all the Darkness and Heartless surround Tino

Tino: The Heartless? From you?

Minion: It happens when you arrived in this world.The negativity took shape as these monsters. They are what we feel--a horde of fledgling emotions under our control. We released them in all the worlds I could, hoping to lure you away from home and isolate you from your friends.

(He walks closer to Tino as Brian and Stewie lies unconscious on the ground)

Minion: We needed to make you stronger. The Unversed were the perfect opponents. And better yet, no matter how many times you defeat them... their negativity flows right back to me.

Then the Heartless Disappeared

Minion: You never stood a chance against Vortech.

He and Tino disappeared and now Tino is in his Station of Awakening

Minion: Our mission is not done. The X-Blade would never be broken like this. So join Vortech now, and we can complete the X-blade and accept you hate Kamen Guts!

Tino: How about this... What if I destroy you!

Minion: (Laugh) The X-blade is made from your heart. If you destroy it. You will be in a coma for a year.

Tino: If I get a coma for a whole year, I have to keep my friends safe.

Minion: You think it's about your friends? I never understand!

Tino: At least I have some! I've become a part of their heart, just as they've become a part of mine. My friends are my power, and I'm theirs!

After that he defeated him and now Tino has asleep in his dream

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