This is how Ryan vs Thunderwing goes in Bumblebee's Bot Force.

[Tirek ]


Twilight Sparkle: Please!


[Tirek prepares to suck out Twilight's magic, but Thunderwing shoots him thrice. Thunderwing then mercilessly attacks Tirek]

Thunderwing: This is my master's realm!

[Thunderwing continues to mercilessly attack Tirek, injuring him]

Thunderwing: Now, we need a truce. No one besides my master, Unicron the Destroyer, is allowed to rule Equestria. Besides, who would you be without me, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Yeah. But, I'm fine without you, Thunderwing.

Red (Angry Birds): She's giving you a four word answer. "Not working for Unicron".

[Thunderwing starts hypnotizing Twilight]

Thunderwing: Look into my eyes. Give up your mind. I will control you. Look into my eyes. You will obey my every command.

Twilight Sparkle: I will...obey your...every command.

Red (Angry Birds): Any moment now. Your master will be beaten by Ryan. The new keeper of the Matrix! He now possesses that which Unicron most fear!

[The ground starts shaking]

Unicron: You underestimate me, Red.

[Unicron then comes out of the ground]

Unicron: For a time, Thunderwing could consider sparing your Prime-prince Ryan F-Freeman. But, now, his friends shall witness his destruction!

Red (Angry Birds): [in Phineas' voice] NO!!!

Ryan F-Freeman: Now, Tirek. I will send you back to Tartarus.

Garfield: Now you will pay for what you did to Human Rigby's sister, Rothbart.

Crash Bandicoot: Guys, behind you!

[Ryan and Garfield look up to see Thunderwing. Thunderwing fires his laser breath at them but they move out of the way and the beam instead hits Tirek, killing him.]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey! [using his magic to revive Tirek and send him to Tartarus] I was about to do that!

Thunderwing: Ryan F-Freeman, Prime-prince of Friendship and holder of the Matrix! Your destruction is at hand!

Ryan F-Freeman: Free Twilight! [summons his Keyblade] Or else.

Thunderwing: You just don't know when to stop. Do you?

Ryan F-Freeman: Here's a two word answer. [shakes his head] Uh, uh.

Thunderwing: You know you could join me. GIVE ME THE MATRIX!

Ryan F-Freeman: Not gonna happen! [smashes Thunderwing's wrist gun with his Keyblade]

Thunderwing: I am the instrument of Unicron's wrath!

Garfield: Go Ryan! Kick Thunderwing's butt!

Chancellor Crash: I'll snap Twilight out of it. [uses his magic] Twilight. You are not Unicron's minion.

[Thunderwing cancels Crash's magic]

Thunderwing: You're attempts to use your magic to free Twilight are too late. Twilight Sparkle is now loyal to me. The reign of Unicron has begun.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hope you like this. Extreme spin attack! [spins and destroys Thunderwing's second wrist gun]

Thunderwing: I am no longer bound in stone, weak, and shackled! [uses Dark Energon to re-energize himself] I will tear you apart molecule by molecule!

Ryan F-Freeman: What sorcery is this!?

Thunderwing: My master's lifeblood, Dark Energon.

Ryan F-Freeman: Look, Thunderwing. You and I are bit a like. I'm Primus' student and you're Unicron's follower like Ryvine. How did you become friends with him?

Thunderwing: Because he has Dark Energon in his veins.

Ryan F-Freeman: Man. It seems Evil me have the same thing in him. Through his will alone. All I have to do is wait for help, see a light in you and hit your reactors.

Garfield: Ryan. You think it's a good idea? [to Thunderwing] Is it?

Thunderwing: No.

Ryan F-Freeman: If Master Matau have something in your chest, Thunderwing. You'll be cold by now. Kinda like... you're not expecting... THIS! [tries using his magic to free Twilight but Thunderwing cancels it]

Garfield: Hey. Why you do this cancel magic thing? Ryan's about to free Twilight. Admit it. You canceled Ryan's spell. Well she didn't just go to Ryan like a puppet.

Thunderwing: Oh I'm not cancelling it, Dark Energon is.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're lying. Bananas are for Donkey Kong! [throws Bananas at Thunderwing]

Thunderwing: A banana? You throw a banana at me?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. I'm not entirely convinced throwing bananas at you is enough to kill you.

Garfield: [throws a banana at Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ow. You think it's funny?


Red (Angry Birds): Chase. I got an idea. Maybe you could launch Jibanyan with a device to fly into Thunderwing's chest?

Chase: Ok.

[Chase pulls the slingshot then Jibanyan grabs a device to weaken Thunderwing]

Marshal: Good luck.

Whisper: For Nate Adams.

Jibanyan: Ok, guys. I hope I survive. Ready? Fire!

[Jibanyan got launched, screamed a little then holds onto the device as he flies towards Thunderwing]

Jibanyan: This is going to hurt.

[He flew into Thunderwing's chest]

Ryan F-Freeman: So. You think we come to the heart of the matter?

Thunderwing: Yes, Ryan. Prepare to be exterminated. [sees a blue glow in his chest and Ryan uses his magic to free Twilight] What? What is it? I'm losing Twilight and my power? I feel... cold.[his shoulder reactors open up]

Crash Bandicoot: It's working!

Thunderwing: Master, I need help.

Unicron: On my way.

[Unicron arrives and gives Thunderwing more strength and puts Twilight back under Thunderwing's control] 

Matau T. Monkey: No. [gets empowered by Primus and grows to size of Thunderwing] Not two of you is going to survive this!

Adviser Sci-Ryan: Yes! Those reactors are exposed now!

Sci-Ryan and Chancellor Crash: Target them! Target them!

Sci-Ryan: Jinx! You're helping Odette in the next film.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. [to Thunderwing] Ready to dance?

Matau T. Monkey: It's showtime, Unicron!

[Matau and Unicron start fighting]

Ryan F-Freeman: Go, Matau. Beat Unicron. [uses his magic and rockets at Thunderwing's reactors]

Thunderwing: No. No! I will not be defeated! If I must expand every bit of energy in my core to destroy the Matrix, so be it!

Ryan F-Freeman: You want the Matrix really bad? [powers himself up with the Matrix] I got it right here!

Matau T. Monkey: My master will not rest untill Twilight is freed from Thunderwing!!

[Twilight snaps out of Thunderwing's spell and fires at Thunderwing and Unicron]

Ryan F-Freeman: [uses his magic to make an immunity spell on Twilight] She is never your minion, Thunderwing! Ryan F-Freeman final impact! [Uses his magic and the Matrix's power at Thunderwing's core and it blows up]

Twilight Sparkle: Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: I did it, Twilight! He's gone!

[But to everyone's surprise, Thunderwing survives and flies out of the lava, angry.]

Thunderwing: If I can't have Twilight, no one can! [fires at Twilight]

Matau T. Monkey: [grabs Thunderwing] If you're going down, I'm taking your master with you!

Twilight Sparkle: Ryan. Looks like it's time for Rainbow Power!

[Ryan and Twilight gain their Rainbow Power with their friends]

Matau T. Monkey: Cool. [hits Unicron with Thunderwing]

Unicron: This isn't over! You haven't seen the last of me or Thunderwing! [teleports himself and Thunderwing away]

Matau T. Monkey: Thank you, Jubanyan. I know you got Master Ryan's help.[reverts back to his normal size]

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