This is how Ryan watches the Ladyblog and the mirror room chase goes in The Pharaoh (CTaRAoMToLaCN).

[At Marrinette's place. Ryan watches a video]

Alya: Could Ladybug be a student?

[Ryan pauses the video]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. I know what that is a history book belonged to Ladybug.

Rikki: I know. Hey, will you tell the story of Monster High: 13 Wishes but in your own way?

Spikewave: A story? I hope we can have some Ever After High characters in that story.

Sidecord: Shush.

Ryan F-Freeman: This story begins a long long time ago. In a freaky and fabulous place. Cogi, the genie of the lantern, was racing to stop his shadow brother, Ryan "Whisp" Grant, from doing a great evil.

[Spikewave pulls a screen down]

[Cogi himself grabs Francesco Bernoulli by the bumper and runs as Francesco drives]

Cogi Grant: [panting] Hurry, Francesco! We have to get you to the mirror room before he finds you!

[Ryan appears]

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: Cogi. My brother.

Cogi Grant: [gasps] He's found us! Hurry!

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: You have something of mine.

Cogi Grant: Whisp, leave Francesco alone!

Francesco Bernoulli: Ugh, hello? Who-a is this friend-a of Francesco talking to?

Cogi Grant: Quickly! In here.

[He drags him to the mirror. Ryan follows]

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: The finder of the lantern has one wish left and he will wish the Shadow Genie Prince all POWERFUL!

Francesco Bernoulli: Wish the Shadow Genie Prince all powerful. Wait. Why did-a Francesco just-a think of that?

Cogi Grant: You must resist! The wish is yours to make! Whisp's influence over you has grown to strong! Alchemist Prime's magic mirror will show you who you truly are!

[He picks it up. Ryan slithers under the door]

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: Too late, brother! His thoughts are mine! And so is his wish!

Francesco Bernoulli: Grant all the power to the Shadow Genie...

Cogi Grant: Francesco! Do not be influenced. [Gasps]

[An eclipse happens and Ryan grows legs]

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: The eclipse makes me REAL!! And then the wish will make it last FOREVER!!

Cogi Grant: No! [runs towards Francesco with the mirror]

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: Quickly! Wish all power to the Shadow Genie Prince!

Francesco Bernoulli: Francesco wish all....

Cogi Grant: NO! [holds the mirror to Francesco's face]

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: What?

Francesco Bernoulli: [snaps out of his trance] Whoa.

[The mirror shatters, the eclipse finishes and Ryan turns back into a shadow]

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: No! All the power...

Cogi Grant: The eclipse is over. The danger's passed. Wish for something. Anything.

Francesco Bernoulli: Francesco wish all... [shouting] THIS WOULD GO AWAY!!!

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: What!? NO!!!

Cogi Grant: As you wish!

[He claps his hands and the wish comes true]

Ryan "Whisp" Grant: No! It cannot be! Going back in the lantern! [screams and he gets sucked into the lantern]

[The thirteen broken mirror shards follow. Francesco looks at Cogi]

Cogi Grant: Goodbye, Francesco.

[He goes back into the lantern and Francesco wakes up]

Francesco Bernoulli: Where is Francesco? Is it too late to wish for Bertram to be Sunset's bodyguard?

[Francesco drives off]

Ryan F-Freeman: [narrating] And so the lantern was lost in the sands of time.

[The screen changes to Ryan]

Spikewave: Until someone looks for it.

[Ryan nods and looks at a photo of Cleo D'Nile]

Rikki: Who is that girl, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Cleo De Nile, Rikki. A friend from Monster High. [sighs] I really miss Rianna when she becomes a geinie since Howleen wish for her and Whisp to become the new genies.

[Ryan goes downstairs and sees Marinette]

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Marinette.

Marinette: Hi, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: I know something. I saw on the Ladyblog that Alya wonder who that history book belong to.

Marinette: I think so,

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. And I guess Ernie would be on a museum tour.

Rikki: Who is Ernie?

Ryan F-Freeman: A friend from the Underground Ernie world.

Rikki: Cool.