Ryanitas is the Vanitas version of Ryan F-Freeman and Mal's partner.


Ryanitas was created by Ryvine extracts the darkness in Ryan out by using his Keyblade.






  • It's so easy to pretend to be Ryan. Not even Sci-Twi haven't got a clue that I am not her friend. I should've done it a long time ago.
  • How did Ryan refuse my alliance to embrace the darkness? [gasps] Sci-Ryan and Sora! Oh. They are messing with Mal's plan! GRRRR!!! I'm coming for you, Keyblade wielders!
  • Going somewhere, Ryan?
  • Well. I am getting started with you. Your girlfriend told me that your a strong to fulfil your destiny. So. What are you waiting for? Join me right here and now. Reclaim your darkness and make the X-Blade.

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