Ryanitas is the Vanitas version of Ryan F-Freeman and Mal's partner.


Ryanitas was created by Ryvine extracts the darkness in Ryan out by using his Keyblade.


Ryanitas looks like




  • It's so easy to pretend to be Ryan. Not even Sci-Twi haven't got a clue that I am not her friend. I should've done it a long time ago.
  • How did Ryan refuse my alliance to embrace the darkness? [gasps] Sci-Ryan and Sora! Oh. They are messing with Mal's plan! GRRRR!!! I'm coming for you, Keyblade wielders!
  • Going somewhere, Ryan?
  • Well. I am getting started with you. Your girlfriend told me that you are strong to fulfil your destiny. So. What are you waiting for? Join me right here and now. Reclaim your darkness and make the X-Blade.
  • Heh. You're just too broken to talk back.