This is how Ryankuta versus Megatron goes in Super Thomas and His Hero Friends.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Are you ok, Ryan? What did you do?

Crash Bandicoot: You're cool in that form, Ryan!

Ryankuta: I feel so good, Crash and Dark Ryan. Megatron is a villain and he'll die for what he did to Bee.

Emmet: You'll fight him. He refused Sunset's friendship and he will be alone.

Ryankuta: And you're going down!

He is fighting Tirek and he defeated him

Tirek: It's not over!

Then Ryankuta has changed back into Ryan and Makuta

Ryan: It's over, Tirek! I win!

Tirek: No more, Prince Ryan Prime! Grant me mercy! I beg of you!

Ryan: You. One without mercy now pleaing for it? I thought you are rotten to the core.

Tirek: You know. Your allies got your progress good. But not good enouth. Get angry like the Angry Birds, my rival. Give your spark over to darkness.

Ryan: What do you mean?

Tirek: Still so blind. Then my friends will make you see.

Ryan: What!? Misty, Thomas and Mickey has been captured from Lord Vortech!

Tirek: Yeah, you didn't save them just in time before he show up. Now he take them away thanks to you.

Ryan: I will save them for him!

Tirek: If you're going to save them, you should be there. Go to the place where you met your girlfriend, Meg. Quahog! There you will watch your dear friend, Tino, Brian and Stewie meet their ends, and the last light within you will die!

He left to the Portal

Ryan: TIREK!

Ryan know that the Villains will hurt Tino, Brian and Stewie even Misty, Thomas and Mickey, so he have to go on his own to save them from the Villains or else he'll lose them

Ryan: They must be saved.

He went off to Quahog


Tino is heading back home and then

???: Going somewhere?

He saw Lord Vortech's Minion again

Tino: I have enough.

Minion: Well, I was just getting started with you. You're strong enough now to fulfill your purpose. So what are you waiting for? Join with him right here and now. Become the X-blade.

Tino: No. Sci-Ryan told me. The only way the X-blade can be forge is we fight. But, I will not fight.

Minion: You used to be too broken to talk back. Fine, Then I'll give you a reason to fight.

Tino: What?

Minion: Come and find him at the place where you met Ryan.. Quahog. There you're see me and my friend choke the life out of Ryan, Brian and Stewie. Then we'll see how long you play the pacifist.

He left

Tino: I'll be there, you guys.

He went off to Quahog

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