This is how Ryanmi's Date and trap goes in The Creation of Ryan Tokisaki.

[At the park)

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Tish. Are you ready?

Tish: Sure am.

Crash Bandicoot: [looks to see Ryan Tokisaki coming] Here he is.

Evil Ryan: Hope you have a great time with him.


Ryan Tokisaki: Hello, Tish. I was wondering if you could go on a date with me.

[Evil Ryan looks at 3 cue cards]

Evil Ryan: Ryan? What will Tish say?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think she could say "Ready on a date".

Crash Bandicoot: Yeah. I guess it counts.

[Ryan whispers to Tish]

Tish: I'm ready to go on a date with you.

Ryan Tokisaki: That's great. Where do we go? Shopping? See a movie? Have dinner together?

Tish: I think the park can do.


Crash Bandicoot: You think it could work, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Sure I am. Besides, I got a date with Meg.

Ryan Tokisaki: Oh. I know. Maybe I can buy some flowers for Tish.

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