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Ryantessa is the Quintessa version of Ryan F-Freeman.


Ryantessa was created when Quintessa puts Ryan under her spell but, when Mater uses Quintessa's staff to remove Ryan's Quintessa part, Quintessa makes a body for him.


Ryantessa looks like Ryan and Quintessa collided into one with a Danny Phantom logo on his chest, a eye mask like Gloriosa when she's Gaia Everfree, his eyes are like Dark Ryan's.


  • He is called the Prime of Friendship.
  • Like the other Primes, Ryantessa is bound by one rule, never destroy a planet with life.
  • He is created by his master, Quintessa.


  • I am Ryantessa. The Prime of Friendship.
  • My master. What is your wish?
  • You got it right, Whisp. [to Howleen] Now, Howleen! Make a wish for Whisp! All power!

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