Ryder is a young boy and the leader of the PAW Patrol.



  • He's a Best Friend to Keita AKA Nate.
  • He and Keita have some Great Adventures to be Friends with Youkai in Sakura Town.
  • He has his own Yo-Kai Watch.
  • His Yo-Kai Partner is Komasan and Komajiro.
  • He like to have Fun with Keita and his Friends to catch Bugs, Sleepover and having a Party.
  • He takes some Pictures about he's adventures in Sakura Town with the Paw Patrol and Keita.
  • Ryder will help Ryan and Princess Odette in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meets the Swan Princess.
  • He got his own Yokai Pad and the Yokai Medallium
  • He became a Yo-Kai named Fu-3.
  • Ryder will meet Ryan and the Dazzlings in

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