Ryflekta is the akumatized alter-ego of Evil Ryan and the boyfriend of Reflekta.


Ryflekta was created when Megatron puts Evil Ryan in a locker so he can be unnoticed.






  • Soon all of Paris and Ryan will look like me and Reflekta! Including Chloe and Megatron.
  • Megatron? Have you seen Megatron?
  • Aww. There you are. Galvatron.
  • Take one good look at me, evil Con, because I am your future face!
  • You should be thanking me, Megatron. Besides, you look a lot more better looking like me! [laughs like Reflekta]
  • You will not get away by locking me in the lockers this time.
  • I am not the Evil Ryan no one notices anymore. Now, I am the unmistakable Ryflekta!
  • Soon, Ladybug. Like everyone, OpThomas will look just like me.

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