This is how the boulder chase continues in Return of Boulder.

[we now watch as Boulder continues chasing Rusty as the Indiana Jones theme plays]

Narrator: Rusty was in trouble, and this time there was no siding!

Rusty: Oh dear! I don't think I'll live to tell the tale of this one!

Narrator: Not far away, the Crusaders were in hot pursuit on thier dragons, along with the vikings.

Apple Bloom: Got him!

Fishlegs: Man, that is one huge boulder!

Snotlout: Yeah, he sure is! But not too big for me!

Tuffnut: Nor me!

Scootalo: Can we save the gloating for later and just get the job done!?

Tuffnut: Sorry!

Sweetie Belle: It's okay. Now we have to get Rusty to safety!

Rusty: Now I know what it's like to be in that bit from "Raiders of the Lost Ark'!

Hiccup: Is there anywhere where Rusty can get off the main track?

Apple Bloom: None! Ther' ain't no sidin's within 100 mile of her'!

Snotlout: Not to worry, me and Hookfang can lift him out of the way!

Astrid: Bad idea, Hookfang might be strong, but he's not that strong!

Fishlegs: Yeah. It would take the strength of a Typhoomerang to lift a 7 ton engine!

Sweetie Belle: Fishlegs, you're a genius!

Fishlegs: What? What did I say?

Sweetie Belle: No time to explain, I gotta make a phonecall! [takes out her cellphone and dials a number] Connie? It's Sweetie Belle. 2 things: first of all, when I was over at your house the other day, I forgot to say how much I really liked that new dress you got, it really brings out your eyes. Second of all, COME QUICK TO THE SKARLOEY RAILWAY LINE, RUSTY'S BEING CHASED BY A HUGE BOULDER, AND WE NEED YOU AND FIRESTORM!!!

Connie: [on phone] Well, Sweetie Belle, first off, thank you. I have to admit I was a little disappointed you didn't say anything about my new dress the other day. Second of all, OH MY GOODNESS, WE'RE ON OUR WAY!!!

[Then, Firestorm and Connie fly into the scene almost instantly]

Connie: We're here! What can I do to help?!

Apple Bloom: Quickla', git' Rusty ta' safety!

Connie: Right! Firestorm, hover!

Firestorm: [nods as he then flies downward, and over Boulder and then he's just above Rusty]

Connie: Firstorm, clawlift!

[Firestrom then grabs Rusty with his claws and lifts him up]

Rusty: Whoa! [looks down and sees he's not on the ground.] Hey, I'm flying!

Connie: (to Firestorm) Good boy. (to Rusty) Sorry to lift you off the ground so suddenly, Rusty!

Rusty: Are you kidding? I thought I was gonna be turned into a pancake!

Scootaloo: Take Rusty back to the yards, Connie! We'll try and stop the boulder!

Connie: [salutes as she and Firestorm fly off]

Babs Seed: So, anyone got a plan?

Everyone: Nope.

Snoutlout: I say, we just wing it!

[he and Hookfang fly down and then a few feet in front of Boulder and stop as Snotlout puts out his hand]

Snoutlout: STOP, YOU BOULDER!!!

[but Boulder doesn't]

Scootaloo: Oh, for cryin' out loud! [swoops down]

[Scootaloo and Scooter Flame then shove Snoutlout and Hookfang forward]

Snotlout: Hey, what are you doing?!

Scootaloo: Saving your butt!

Snotlout: I almost had it!

Scootaloo: Yeah, you did. And you almost got youself and Hookfang crushed! And if we don't keep flying oward, we will be crushed, that boulder right on our tail!

Snotlout: Okay, okay!

Babs Seed: C'mon Tough Biscuit, we gotta help em' out!

Tough Biscuit: [growls in agreement]

[they fly down]

Apple Bloom: Cuz' wait! Come back!

[They stopped]

Apple Bloom: Babs' ya' can't go down ther'! You 2 will git' crushed too!

Babs Seed: But we can't leave Scoots, Scooter Flame, Snotlout, and Hookfang ta' git' crushed!

Apple Bloom: Oh, right!

Button Mash: Well, let's all go in together and then barrel roll clear of the boulder!

Astrid: Yeah!

[they all fly down and in front of Boulder]

Hiccup: We gotta get out of the way of the boulder!

Fishlegs: [as Pazu] But what?!

Button Mash; [notices a a pointy rock off to the side] I think I have an idea. Anyone got a rope?

Apple Bloom: Right her'. [tosses him one]

Button Mash: Now, to save our skins! [ties the rope on an object and then throws it around the pointy rock] Grab the rope!

[they do so and they spin around the pointy rock and out of the way]

Sweetie Belle: Good one, Button!

Babs Seed: Uh, but we have another problem! [points ahead and we see Rheneas!] Hey! Rheneas! Stop! STOP!! STOP!!!

[he does so]

Rheneas: What?

Babs Seed: In a word, Boulder!

Rheneas: Let me guess, it's on the loose again and it's heading for me, isn't it?

Babs Seed: Yeah.

Rheneas: Oh, no! [then he reverse back as Boulder chases him again] Here we go again!

[he crosses the viaduct as Boulder follows and then he turns into a siding and slams into some coal trucks]

Rheneas: Rather a smash than a squash. Again.

Scootaloo: But this time, you smashed into some trucks, rather than the buffers themself.

Rheneas: Yeah.

Apple Bloom: C'mon, we still gotta cath that boulder!

[they continue chasing it]

Sweetie Belle: Oh, we can't just keep chasing that boulder around, and around forever!

Fishlegs: I think I might have an idea to stop it.

Sweetie Belle: what is it?

Fishlegs: You'll see.

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