This is how Sadness' idea and the answer to stopping Yveltal goes in Thomas and Twilight Go To The Hero Factory.

[The next morning, Thomas awakens, tears still in his eyes]

Joy: You still feeling bad about what happened last night, Thomas?

Thomas: No.

Joy: Good.

Anger: Finally, morning's here.

Sadness: Thomas, are you ready to tell us about Von Nebula's past now that you had some time to think about it?

Thomas: Yes.

Disgust: This had better be good.

Fear: Oh, I hope there's no scary parts to the story.

Sadness: There isn't.

Fear: [sighs] Good.

Joy: Okay, Thomas. Tell us Von Nebula's past.

Thomas: Okay. It all started like this. Before we even came to Hero Factory.

[4 hours later....]

Thomas: And then Von Ness went rogue and violent, changed her name to Von Nebula and has been bent on revenge on Stormer ever since then.

Joy: Wow!

Anger: I cannot believe someone like Von Nebula would leave her teammate and leader behind like that.

Thomas: I know.

Disgust: It's like Von never really understood Stormer like we do.

Thomas: Yeah.

James: Is there a way to turn her back into Von Ness again.

Zane: P.I.X.E.L, is there a way to make Von Nebula who she once was again?

P.I.X.E.L.: Yes, Zane. But the only way to do is try and remind her of the good things she did as Von Ness in the past.

Zane: I see.

Thomas: Did you get everything P.I.X.E.L said, guys.

Kai: Yes.

Anger: But we need to find a way to break these chains and get out of here. Jeez. Do these have to be so tight around your wrists?

Kai: No.

Anger: I was talking to myself, idiot.

Kia: Oh.

Thomas: Anyone have any ideas on how to break these chains and get out of here?

Anger: Come on. It's not like we can trick the Nindroids that are guarding us.

Joy: That's it!

Thomas: What?

Joy: We can trick them!

Disgust: But how?

Joy: Pinkie, any ideas?

Pinkie: Got one.


Cryptor: Remember the time when Rotor told that awesome joke.

Min-Droid: Yeah. I laughed so hard, oil came out of my nose.

Pinkie: Hey, fellas.

Cryptor: What?

Pinkie: My emotion friend here wants to say something.

Sadness: I just wanted to tell you that Von Nebula wants to see you.

Cryptor: Okay.

[He and Min-Droid leave]

Ssdness: [unlocks the door]

Anger: [clears throat] Chains first, remember?

Sadness: Oh, yeah. Sorry. [unlocks the chains around their wrists]

Brian: Ca'mon we got to stop Yveltal!

[We see Yveltal's destruction]

Anger: Wait a minuet! How did it just destroy itself?

Thomas: John, how did Yveltal destroy itself?

John: It must have happened because somebody, who is an emotion, used his or her ability to make it realise what it was doing wrong.

Brian: I'll do it.

Joy: Very well, Brian.

Anger: What are you gonna do?

Brian: Stop Yveltal. [walks up to him]

Sadness: Okay, Brian. But be careful.

Brian: Hey, you!

Yveltal: [gets his attention]

Thomas: Sadness, have you ever faced a Pokemon like this before?

Sadness: Yes. And I have my own. It's a Feraligator.

Brian: Come on!

Sadness: What?

Thomas: Sadness. You need to use you Feraligator.

Sadness: Okay. But, what if Brian gets hurt?

Thomas: Then you'll just have to use it to bring him back here.

Sadness: Okay. Come on out. [throws the Poke-Ball and the Feraligator comes out]

Thomas: Okay. Now we're ready.

Anger: John, any updates on that anti-virus yet, pal?

John: Not yet, Anger. Breez and the rest of the gang are getting the final ingrediant right now.

Anger: Well, tell them to hurry up, because we have quite a problem here.

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