Here is how sailing on the Ocean, discovering Heihei stowed away, and the storm goes in Crash, Thomas, and Ryan meet Moana.

(we then see Moana run into her house and pack her things)

Moana:(sees her mother at the doorway as she is packing)

Chieftess Sina:(says nothing and helps her pack)

(she then waves goodbye to her daughter)

Ryoana: Bye, Mom! I'll tell you what happened when I get back.

(we then see Moana retracting the sail of the boat she was fascinated with earlier and push it into the water)

Ryan Tokisaki: The ship is now. All ashore is going ashore!

Evil Ryan: Let's do this.

(they sail out and look back in time to see the lights in the hut where the dying Tala is go out, signifying she is dead)

(a brief wind blows and a glowing blue manta ray follows them)

Ryan F-Freeman: Ahh. Cool day for sailing, Nighlock. Meg and Shadowcat could be ok.

Nighlock: I hope so.

Bertram T. Monkey: I know. [pulls out an accordion and plays the Miraculous theme song]

Roadkill:(blasts the accordion to smitherings)

Bertram T. Monkey: What? Not a music fan?

Roadkill: Stop turning everything into a big musical number.

[Bertram fixes the accordion and puts earplugs in Roadkill's ears]

Roadkill: Thank you.

Bertram T. Monkey: Your welcome. And I am not doing a musical number. It is a sea shanty.

Cross-Hairs: Well, raise your hand if you're happy with our sailing adventure.

(Everyone raises their hands)

Matau T. Monkey: Ok. Moana needs to practice what she will say to Maui.

Ryoana: Ok, sis. Just practice what Grandma told you to say.

Moana: Ok.

Ryan F-Freeman: Mal? Do you know I saw Lockdown?

Major Malfunction: When? Where?

Ryan F-Freeman: At the Age of Extinction adventure my team and I have.

(Ryinker Bell lands on Ryan's shoulder]

Ryoana: Oh look. A firefly.

Red Smoke: A fariy.

Emmet: Amazing.

Ryinker Bell: [waves]

Sci-Ryan: Hey, little guy. We are on an adventure of Magic and friendship to find Maui. Tell us what to do and we'll head out.

Ryinker Bell: [nods and points at the food compartment]

[They see there is movement coming from the food compartment]

Ryoana: I think I hear...

[They lift the coconut a little, but put it back down quickly

Ryoana and Moana: Heihei?!

Crash Bandicoot: Oh. He can't see with that on his head. [removes the coconut of Heihei]

[Heihei looks around and sees he is on the ocean]

Heihei:[squaks in a panic]

Death (Walking Dead): Saw that coming.

[Ryan put the coconut on Heihei]

Ryan F-Freeman: What's wrong with Heihei, Moana?

Moana:(removes the coconut) It's okay. The Ocean is a friend of mine.

Ryoana: So am I.

Ryan F-Freeman: At least we have some friends. But, Heihei could be with me until we get to dry land.

Heihei:(cluck and walks off the boat)

Death (Walking Dead): That is one very stupid chicken.

Ryan F-Freeman: [dives after Heihei]

(Ryan grabs Heihei and the ocean puts them on the boat]

Ryan F-Freeman: Stay.

Ryoana: You okay.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. The ocean got me and Heihei on the boat.

[Ryan opens his chest panels and water comes out]

Nighlock: Really?

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry. Some of the ocean got in me.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. I guess I could sing a bit. [sings] It's like the song of the sea are calling~

What it knows?~

How far we'll go?~

Ryoana: Wow. You sing as well?

Nighlock: Focus on the task at hand please.

Sci-Ryan: Aye, aye, Captain Nighlock.

Nighlock: I'm a commander.

Ryan F-Freeman: That is Sci-Ryan's pirate talk, dude.

[Nighlock rolls his eyes]

Ryoana and Moana: I am Moana (Ryoana) of Motunui. And you will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the Heart of Te Fiti.

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, Nighlock. They are getting better at saying this so, we will sail where we see a cons talkative of stars that looks like a fish hook.

Nighlock:(puts ducktape on his mouth)

Ryan F-Freeman: [muffled] Hey! I was giving some advice before you ducktape my mouth. [removes the ducktape off his mouth]

Nighlock: In gibberish.

Ryan F-Freeman: Whatever. As long we can find Maui.

[Nighlock nods]

[later, we see everybody on their respective boats sleeping]

Ryan F-Freeman: [asleep] I love you, Meg.