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Last time on the Sailor Moon Adventures series, Sailor Venus was restored to her original self after a battle against Ursula, Jafar, and Shere Khan for the safety of Madhya Pradesh. Now in this episode, Jafar returns in his full debut to enact his diabolical scheme to impress Maleficent, and it is up to the Sailor Senshi to stop him. But they'll have to hurry as Jafar intends on using the lamp to unleash the Messiah of Death in order to way laste to Agrabah for his own ends...


The film opens with JafarGrand Vizier to the Sultan of the fictional sultanate of Agrabah, attempting to retrieve a magical oil lamp containing a genie from the Cave of Wonders. He enlists a petty thief to enter the cave and retrieve it, whose attempt fails. Jafar and his parrot, Iago, learn that only a "Diamond in the Rough" can enter the cave. Meanwhile, Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) becomes a lady in waiting to Jasmine, the Sultan's daughter and has no memory of her previous life. Jasmine becomes frustrated with her life in the palace, and so flees to Agrabah's marketplace along with Hotaru and a young white lion cub named Kimba, who she found wandering the desert one day. There they meet street rat Aladdin, and his monkey, Abu, and the two lovers begin to form a friendship. After Aladdin is arrested for thievery, Jasmine orders Jafar to have him released. Jafar lies to her that Aladdin was already executed, leaving Jasmine heartbroken.

Meanwhile, the Crescent Moon Spaceship makes another round trip across the Arkanis system, where Luna senses a great force arising in Agrabah and forces the other Sailor Scouts, now including Sailor Venus and the mane 6, to head down to the world to investigate the matter. No sooner do they land right next to the gate however, when they are all captured by the Guards and immediately placed into cells themselves for the so-called "crime" of sorcerous transportation, no doubt a lie concocted by Jafar to get the Sailor Scouts into his clutches.

Speaking of Jafar, later that evening, disguised as an elder prisoner, the vizier releases Aladdin and Abu from the dungeon and leads them to the Cave of Wonders, promising a reward in return for retrieving the lamp. The tiger-shaped head of the cave allows them to enter but warns them to touch nothing but the lamp.

Aladdin and Abu, now accompanied by the team, soon find a friendly magic carpet, who directs them to the area where the lamp is hidden. Aladdin obtains the lamp but Abu's attempt to steal a gem backfires and causes the cave to collapse and the team start panicking. The carpet flies them back to the entrance and Aladdin delivers the lamp to Jafar, who then tries to kill him. Abu then thwarts Jafar and steals back the lamp as he, Aladdin and the others fall back into the cave just as it closes.

In the collapsed cave, Aladdin rubs the lamp, unexpectedly unleashing Genie, who reveals he will grant Aladdin three wishes—with the exception of murder, romance, revival of the dead, or additional wishes. Aladdin tricks the genie into magically freeing himself, Abu, and the others from the cave without actually using a wish; thereafter, Genie states that Aladdin and the others will not receive anymore magic help unless they explicitly state "I wish". While contemplating his wishes, Genie admits he would wish for freedom, since he is a prisoner to his lamp. Aladdin promises to free Genie as his last wish and Usagi decides to help them out along the way. Aladdin decides to use his first wish to become a prince in order to be legally able to court Jasmine.

Meanwhile, Jafar attempts to mind control the Sultan into arranging a marriage between himself and Jasmine in order to become Sultan himself. Before he is able to succeed, Aladdin appears and parades into the Sultan's palace as "Prince Ali of Ababwa", with the Sailor Scouts dressed in a combination of princess and harem dresses, claiming to be the prince's royal handmaidens. The Sultan is impressed but Jasmine rejects Ali as a suitor. Despite Genie and Serena's suggestion that Aladdin to tell the princess who he really is, Aladdin keeps up his act as a suave prince and takes Jasmine around the world on the magic carpet. Meanwhile, Usagi and the others meet Hotaru and Kimba. Lyre recognizes Kimba and the two cubs are happy to see each other again. During this scene, Luna senses something familiar about Hotaru. Jasmine suspects that Ali is actually the man she met in the marketplace; during the trip, she tricks Aladdin into admitting it and demands the truth from him. Aladdin fabricates a story that he sometimes dresses as a commoner to escape palace life. The couple kisses as Aladdin returns her home.

Afterwards, Aladdin is bound and gagged and thrown into the ocean by Jafar who makes a second attempt to arrange a marriage, while the Sailor Senshi get locked in a dungeon to be executed by a swarm of Heartless. Genie rescues Aladdin as his second wish; Aladdin and the others return to the palace and expose Jafar's plot. Jafar flees after noticing the lamp in Aladdin's possession and the locket in Usagi, realizing who they really were. Aladdin has second thoughts about freeing Genie, believing that without him he is "just Aladdin"and leaves Usagi and her team in disappointment. Iago steals the lamp and brings it to Jafar. Jafar becomes Genie's new master, using his first two wishes to usurp the Sultan's throne and become the most powerful sorcerer in the world. Using his new powers, Jafar enslaves Jasmine and the Sultan, exposes Aladdin as a street rat, then exiles him and the others to a frozen wasteland.

Aladdin and the others use the magic carpet to return to the palace, where Aladdin sneaks in to try and recapture the lamp. Jafar proposes using his third wish to make Jasmine his queen. Genie protests that he cannot grant that wish, but Rei, Lita, and Mina step in to distract Jafar with a song and dance comedy routine, allowing Aladdin to try to grab the lamp. Aladdin gets caught, all the scouts quickly transform and thus battle Jafar, who transforms himself into an enormous cobra and traps Aladdin. Luna quickly realized Hotaru is Sailor Saturn, only for Jafar to trap her as well, intending to release the dark power so that he can overthrow Maleficent as lord of the Hellfire Organization. He thus claims to be "the most powerful being on Earth", to which Aladdin and Saturn argue that Genie is more powerful. Faced with this realization, Jafar uses his final wish to become a genie himself. However, he then discovers that genies are not free entities as he and Iago soon are destroyed by the newly awakened Sailor Saturn with a Silence Glaive attack. The Genie sends Jafar's lamp flying into the Cave of Wonders. Genie urges Aladdin that he should use his third wish to regain his princeship, warning Aladdin that he has never seen a woman like Jasmine, but Aladdin, realizing that he cannot keep pretending to be something he is not, decides to keep his promise and wish for Genie's freedom, which made Usagi and the others happy. Seeing Jasmine's love for Aladdin, the Sultan changes the law to allow her to marry whomever she deems worthy. The newly free Genie leaves to explore the world while the others celebrate the engagement of Aladdin and Jasmine. The next day Usagi ask for Hotaru and Kimba to join the team; Kimba agrees but Hotaru disinclines because she needs to find the other Outer Senshi and reawaken them to their destiny on her own. Serena is forced to accept this and our heroes thus leave Agrabah to continue their mission to protect the worlds from evil.


  • Kimba, Lyre, the Mane Squad, Spike, Jasper and Horace Badun, Kaa, Maleficent's Goons, Creeper, Pain and Panic, and Hades guest star in the episode
  • This episode marks the debut of Sailor Saturn into the series. She declines the offer to join the Sailor Scout team as she claims that Sailors Oranous, Neptune, and Pluto have not yet appeared, and that she needs to go find them before the galaxy can be united.
  • Hades appears in a cameo appearance to warn Jafar about not failing Maleficent this time - the personality dynamic between them is similar to Prince Endymion and Kunzite, as Hades is the loyal Noble Demon focused on retrieving the Silver Crystal with little fuss and Jafar is the treacherous Starscream obsessed with killing the Sailor Scouts as painfully as possible.
  • This film takes place after Thomas' Adventures of Sailor Moon Series and films (which Twilight and her friends already knows Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts).
  • The musical numbers in this film include:
  1. Arabian Nights
  2. Legend of the Lamp
  3. Serena, Amy, Rei, Lita, and Mina (sung to the tune of Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, and Kassim)
  4. One Jump Ahead
  5. One Jump Ahead (Reprise)
  6. Proud of Your Boy
  7. Call Me A Princess
  8. Why Me?
  9. A Million Miles Away
  10. Friend Like Me
  11. Prince Ali
  12. (A Whole New World is skipped due to certain author unappeal - this sequence will instead be replaced with a sequence where the Sailor Scouts discuss their past and about Hotaru's mysterious origins, cutting back at the end to the Chinese temple where Jasmine figures out Aladdin's first)
  13. High Adventure
  14. Somebody's Got Your Back
  15. Why Me? (Reprise)
  16. Battle With the Forces of Evil - Sailor Saturn's Theme:
  17. Finale Ultimo - Tuxedo Mirage

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