In the Arc 1 finale of Season 2, Serena and the Sailor Senshi journey to Le Chateau du Damne to break a powerful curse laid over the castle of Prince Adam. There, Lita is confronted with her own past relationship during the Silver Millennium to the deceased Nephrite, and begins to wonder if maybe she had ascended earlier before his death, she could have taken him away from Molly and had him all to herself. These doubts continue to grow even worse as she soon finds a mirror relationship in that of Adam, Belle, and Gaston. And if that wasn't enough,  Evil Emperor Zurg's Makaiju Tree has unleashed a swarm of Plunderseed thorns throughout the Kingdom, threatening to destroy this poor provincial town and keeping Adam trapped forever as a Beast for all time. There'll be a lot of messes for Serena to cleanup in this harrowing tale.


  • This film will be dedicated to Jerry Orbach (1935-2004), Tony Jay (1933-2006), and David Ogden Stiers (1942-2018).