Sailor Moon Adventures of Sleeping Beauty

Now made aware of her destiny to once more become Sailor Moon, Serena Tsukino and her little "cousin" Rini must go forth across the worlds and find the other Sailor Scouts that have been resurrected elsewhere. Their first stop is the fantasy kingdom of the Enchanted Dominion, where the two senshi team up with three Good Fairies to protect a beautiful princess from a dreadful sleeping curse cast upon her by an evil faerie witch named Maleficent.

Along their journey, Serena finds a familiar face or two in the form of a demure cleaning maid named Amy Mizuno and a fiery-tempered nun named Rei Hino. The cat Luna, being the more knowledgeable of the team, immediately recognizes their true power...but then again, so does Maleficent, who sends all the forces of evil to make sure the Sailor Senshi do not reunite and vanquish her evil.

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