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Sailor Moon and The Adventures of The Great Mouse Detective is another Sailor Moon crossover film planned to be made by Luke Yannuzzi. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future.


 Sailor Moon and her friends take a time-traveling vacation to London in 1897 and meet Basil of Baker Street, Dr. David Q. Dawson, and Olivia Flaversham as they solve their mystery, find Olivia's father Hiram Flaversham, and battle against Professor Ratigan.


  • Like the remake version of DisneyAnimeManiac's film Winnie the Pooh in The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective (co-directed by RatiganRules), this is an NTSC film with NTSC bits from the Sailor Moon movies.
  • Basil, Dr. Dawson and Olivia will join the team at the end of this film.
  • Elizabeth makes a brief appearance in the beginning of the film.
  • This film will be dedicated to the memories of Barrie Ingham (1932-2015), the original voice of Basil, Vincent Price (1911-1993), the original voice of Ratigan, Candy Candido (1913-1999), the voice of Fidget, Laurie Main (1922-2012), who voiced Dr. Watson in one bit of the real film, Alan Young (1919-2016), the voice of Hiram Flaversham, and Henry Mancini (1924-1994), who composed the music score and songs for the real film.
  • Like in Winnie the Pooh in The Adventures of the Great Mouse Detective (in which Winnie the Pooh was kidnapped with Olivia by Fidget), Sailor Jupiter will be kidnapped with Olivia by Fidget. Sailor Moon, Mercury Mars, Venus, and Mini Moon remain with Basil and Dawson.

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