Sakura's Adventures of Rock-A-Doodle is a Cardcaptor/MLP/Bleach/Mulan/Pretty Cure crosover film.



  • Mane 6,Spike the Dragon,Mushu,Cri-Kee,Mulan,Shang,Ichigo,Rukia,Shining Armor,Princess Cadance,Cutie Mark Crusaders,Pretty Cures,Discord,Angelica Pickles,Margie (KND),Gwen Wu,Portia Gibbons,Azula and Trixie Lulamoon will guest star in this film
  • Azula,Portia,Gwen,Margie (KND) and Angelica Pickles will work for Pinky the Fox in this film
  • Discord and Trixie Lulamoon will work for the Hunch and Grand Duke of Owls in this film.
  • Discord and Trixie Lulamoon will join Sakura's team in the end of this film.

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