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Sakura Avalon (Sakura Kinomoto in the Japanese version) is a fictional character, the heroine and main protagonist of CLAMP's anime and manga series Cardcaptor Sakura. Sakura has an alternate existence in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle. She is also briefly mentioned in another CLAMP title ×××HOLiC.


  • She first appeared in Tino's Adventures of Bebe's Kids, then she joins the Weekenders Adventures Team on their adventures.
  • She will join Sarah West and Cure Rosetta in "Sarah West and Cure Rosetta's Adventures of Pac-Man World"
  • Sakura is adopted by Mulan as a mother and Shang as father.
  • Sakura is very similar to Berry from the Powerpuff Girls and she was a good and lovable girl.