Salim Al Kupar of Arabia

Salim al-Kupar is Sly Cooper's ancestor from Arabia. He was often said to hold the stealth of 40 thieves. His first full appearance was in Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeSalim is quite lazy. He constantly complains and wishes that he wasn't the one performing complex climbs. Salim seems to care deeply for the members of his gang, as Salim was in hiding thinking of a plan to free them (despite his laziness). He constantly references his glory days, as seen in "Rug Rats" when he starts babbling to Bentley about a flying carpet scam that him and the owner of the carpet store pulled off, only stopping when Bentley scolds him for it.

Salim is much grumpier and less cheerful than the other Coopers, and, despite believing Sly's claim to be related to him, did not give Sly an enthusiastic welcome when he met him. He has an appetite to rival Murray's, though he has very low body fat despite his inactivity.


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