This is how Sam's shopping trip and the female population vanishes goes in Guys' Night Out (Danny Phantom Version).

[Meanwhile, in the Ghost Zone, Lydia looks at the two villains nervously after telling them the news]

Johnny 13: Let me get this straight, Kitty and Ember just took off for Amity Park to blow off steam just because Skulker and me had a fight with them?

Lydia: What do you expect? You told Kitty her powers weren't important as you were. And YOU told Ember she was too caught up in her music.

Skulker: She IS. She always lets her ego get in the way.

Freakshow: (Sighs) Why didn't you go with them?

Lydia: They didn't invite me. Why else would I tell you where they went?

Johnny 13: Dude, this heats me up!

[Johnny uses his shadow to tie up Lydia and she suddenly disappears]

Skulker: What was that?

Johnny 13: What, you'd think you were the only one who'd drive women away?

Skulker: Hilarious. So where did she go?

Johnny 13: I don't have a clue.

Freakshow: And I don't have a heart.

Johnny 13: All I do know that if she stays gone for 12 hours, she's gone for good. Unless I do this!

[Johnny uses his shadow in reverse then Lydia appears]

Freakshow: Drat, we still had 12 hours and 59 minutes.

Lydia: Oh, is there a 12 hour sale somewhere?

Skulker: Guys, nobody stands up to us! Get your shadow ready to rock, Johnny, we're going to Amity Park!

[The guys laugh evilly, then the intro starts]

[After the intro, Sam and her mom are getting ready for a shopping trip at the mall]

Mom: Sam? Hurry up girl we got a lot of shopping to do.

Tucker: Shopping is a busy day.

Mom: You right Tucker. Searching, choosing and walking with bags all day. (Laughs) It's not for the week.

[Sam appears]

Sam: It's a girl thing Tucker, you wouldn't understand.

Tucker: Thank heavens.

Mom: I think I will bring my precious Sapphire Wallet. Any body want to spare a little change?

Tucker: No thanks.

Danny: I already got paid.

Jazz: Rich.

[Sam and her mom get in the car]

Tucker: I told Sam not to worry. If something ghostly happens today, we three will handle it!

Danny: Uh, just me and Jazz will handle it. Like you sometimes do.

Tucker: You just can't accept that I'm part of your ghost fighting team can you?

Danny: Who said you were part of our team?

Tucker: I rest my case. Here you go Sam. [Gives a thermos]

Tucker: Just in case.

Sam: Tucker, come on! I need to know you guys can get along while I'm gone.

Tucker: Me? How's this MY problem?

Danny: Don't look at me. I've been on the team ever since I became a ghost.

Sam's Dad: Have fun looking for shiny, good looking Jewelry at the mall today Honey.

Sam's Mom: Ah, I'm just glad Sam finally gets some...uh...Ah!

[Looks at a Dictionary]

Sam's Mom: Quality bonding time with her old women.

Sam's Dad: Ah, me too,

[She grabs him and then they start doing that thing that grosses everyone out if you know what I mean]

Sam's Mom: We'll see you tonight. If you miss me, just look at THIS!

[Gives him a picture of her in her bikini]

Sam's Dad: Gosh, thanks sweetie.

Sam's Mom: Oh boy, that wallet I have sure is shiny. See ya later, Bye!

[They drive away to the mall]

Sam's Dad: Finally!

[He runs happily into the house while Ember watches the car drive to the mall]

Ember: A shopping trip. I LOVE moving targets!

[Looks at a picture of Skulker]

Ember: We'll see who's a lousy hunter.

[Flies off to the mall leaving behind the picture all burned]

Tucker: I'll be right out Ghost-Getters.

Both: Ghost-Getters?

Tucker: Ya, I thought we need a cool name since we're the sidekicks.

Jazz: We're not really sidekicks.

Danny: And that's NOT how it's said.

Tucker: Just wait for me, I've made a chart of ghost hunting duties for each of us while Sam's away.(laughs)

[Danny and Jazz look at each other awkwardly and run away in fear]

Tucker:[Knocks on the door]Maddie?

[Maddie opens a door with her ghost hunting weapons]

Tucker: I was going to go with Jazz and your son if that's ok.

Maddie: Oh, sure Tucker. I'll be testing out THIS bad boy all day.

Tucker: I'm glad you have a chance to work on your OWN inventions instead of always having to fix Jack's. What does that do?

Maddie: If I'm right, it'll be able to alter spectrum frequencies to completely reverse their effects.

Tucker: And if you're wrong?

Maddie: It'll make a nice bowl for popcorn.

[Meanwhile at the park, Kitty was hanging out with a 18 year old boy until she got zapped by Johnny 13]

Johnny 13: Kitty! 

Kitty: Oh, boy.

[We see the villains and Freakshow in human form, Kitty flies away while Johnny chase after her in his motorcycle]

Freakshow: I'm liking him more and more.

[Then we see Danny and Jazz walking in the park until Tucker catches up]

Tucker: There you are. Any signs of paranormal activity, Ghost-Getters?

Jazz: Ok, this has got to stop.

Danny: Tucker, I know you dream of being one of my sidekicks.

Tucker: Ghost-Getters.

Danny: Whatever, Jazz and I have been doing this a while, you don't even have the right equipment. You at least need Specter Deflector. Like this.

Jazz: He can have mine. It makes my pants shrive up. [Puts it around his waste]

Tucker: Face it Danny. I'm a big a part of this as you are,

Danny: As big a part of what? Nothings happening. [Explosion]

Tucker: Wrong!

[We then see Johnny who backed Kitty into a corner]

Johnny 13: So the minute we have a twist, you come here and crash with some pointless boy?!

Kitty: Aw Honey, come on. know you're the pointless boy for me.

Johnny 13: [Growls]

Kitty: Wait, that didn't come out right.

[Two girls show up]

Girl #1: Whoa, Skulker! SWEET! I'm your biggest fan!

Girl #2: No, I'M your biggest fan. That part where you use your evil monsters for an amazing performance. I love that style.

Girl #1: I love it more. [Pushes her to the ground] Go back to playing dolls.

Girl #2: You promised never to tell anyone THAT!

[The two start fighting]

Freakshow: It's official, women are useless in this world too.

[Then women start appearing all around them and finding them attractive then start fighting over them]

Kitty: Johnny, wait...I can explain.

Johnny 13: Explain THIS Girl!

[He prepares to use his shadow to tie her up]

Freakshow: Someone please make them all STOP!

[His shadow appears and uses lots of rope to tie up every women in the park, then they disappear, including Kitty and Jazz]

Tucker: Does she do that often?

Danny: I hope so. Jazz?

[Johnny's shadow goes on a tying rampage through the city tying up every women in the city]

Johnny 13: Wow, what did I do?

Skulker: Made progress. Your work pays off a whole new dimension.

Freakshow: Well I love what you did to the city.

Johnny 13: It's time for my engine to roar.

[Johnny uses his motorcycle engine to hypnotize every men in the city and come to the park while Danny and Tucker's Specter Deflector start beeping]

Tucker: I'm not getting any reading on Ghost-Getter #2.

Danny: You mean Jazz. I don't think this is just about her Tucker.

Johnny 13: Men of Amity Park, we have something special for you.

Danny: This can't be good.

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