Sam, Clover, and Alex are a trio of teenage girls
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who work as undercover spies at the World Organization Of Human Protection (WOOHP).

Samantha 'Sam' Simpson

The one in the green catsuit (which matches her eyes) with long orange hair, Sam is the leader of the trio. She's smart, kind, pretty, and a bit of a bookworm. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale, who also does Cinderella and fellow TS character Mandy. Her theme color is green.

Clover Euwing

The one in the red catsuit with short blonde hair, Clover is a valley girl accented shopaholic who, like your typical teenage girl, is obsessed with fashion, boys, and her looks. Other than that, she really hates Mandy. She's apparently the moving target of the team, seeing how she's usually first affected by whatever the bad guy's planning. She's also the only girl whose father hasn't been seen in the series. She's voiced by Andrea Baker. Her theme color is Red.

Alexandra 'Alex' Vasquez

The dark skinned one in the yellowcatsuit with short black hair, Alex is the athlete of the team, despite her occasional clumsiness. She's also the naive member of the three, since she's younger than Sam and Clover. She's also a terrible driver. She's voiced by Katie Leigh for the first two seasons and by Katie Griffin in the following seasons. Leigh also voiced the Muppet Babies version of Rowlf. Her theme color is yellow.