Sam (SPD)

Sam is the Omega Ranger. He originally made his debut as a misunderstood child who is manipulated by one of Mora's monsters and is later recruited as a cadet for S.P.D. Fifteen years in the future, Sam goes back in time to assist the B-Squad Power Rangers as the Omege Ranger and remains with them until the defeat of Emperor Gruumm. However, the time traveling changed Sam's body and he is only able to appear in Omega Ranger form or as a ball of light. As a result, Sam is one of the few Rangers to not to have a Morphing Sequence. And from the future Sam becomes by his normal body form, and he has the morphing sequence. Before Bridge as the New Red Ranger, Roman as the New Blue Ranger, Keanu as the New Green Ranger and Sky became the earth commander and as the new Shadow Ranger.


  • Since Sam's last name wasn't officially revealed, he shall be referred to as Sam Thorson.