Samson the Lion is the main protagonist of the 2006 Disney animated film, The Wild. Before the events of the film, he was a lion born in a traveling circus and he co-starred with his father. Until one day, during his performance he failed to perform his roar in front of the audience. His father sees that as a disgrace, saying if he had been born in the wild he knew how to roar. Samson was then taken to the New York Zoo where he met Bridget the giraffe, Larry the anaconda, Nigel the koala, and Benny the squirrel. While at the zoo, he grew up, mated with another lion (known as Galena, as she appeared in one of the deleted scenes), and gave birth to a son and named him Ryan. One night at the zoo, Ryan was taken away and Samson and his friends must go and find him.