Samson and Simpson
Earl Samson and Earl Simpson are two of the deuteragonists of Benny, Leo and Johnny vs. Coranerius. They are both members of the Clarkstone Club. They are known simply by their last names because they share the same first name and their last names, both being boys' names as well, start with the same letter.

Samson is an overweight man with middle skin. His hair is dyed green and in a mullet. He wears a wood-patterned T-shirt, a gray unbuttoned shirt, brick-patterned pants, and yellow shoes with red opening, toes and soles.

Simpson is a dark-skinned man with a circle beard, cornrows, a white shirt, a black bow tie, a gray-and-blue plaid suit and gray shoes.

Samson doesn't have a love interest of his own, but Simpson's girlfriend is fellow member Tamiko Yao.

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