They found all the Evidence around the Shop

U-mos: That's all the Evidence that you found.

Damemon: Now we can save Samus.

U-mos: And I have something for you, here.

He gave Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon a new Magic Spell

Gumdramon: Thanks.

They went back to the Court with the Evidence

Ridley: You have alot of them. Bring my Evidence.

They bring it here and they got mixed up

Ridley: All you need to do, is to guess which Box is the right one. And if fail, you're gonna be Destroyed. Now then.... You! Robot, guess those Boxes!

Shoutmon: What! You want Damemon to guess which Evidence is!? Great! Damemon, you gonna need it.

Damemon: Okay. (Gulp) Here I go.

He open a Box and it revealed a Heartless

Ridley: What is that?!

Damemon: That's our Evidence. Now, you gonna release Samus.

Ridley: No way!

All: What!

Ridley: Anyone who defies me is guilty!

USApyon: What! That's Insane!

Ridley: That's it! Seize Them!

Then Samus cage has been rise up from the Controller and now they are fighting to save Samus, after that they saw the Cage empty

Shoutmon: What the!? She's gone!?

Jibanyan: Did something happen to her, nyan?

Ridley: Everyone! Look around the ship and find Samus!

They run around to find her

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