Sarah West and Cure Rosetta's Adventures Double Features: Elton John-Million Dollar Piano/The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy To The Rescue is a live-action/animated double feature to be made by people who are being kind to Sarah West (who has been a huge Elton John and Secret of NIMH fan for a couple of years).


Sarah West, Cure Rosetta (Alice Yotsuba), Woody Woodpecker, Fauntleroy Fox, Crawford Crow, Madoka, Homura, Sayaka, Mami, Kyoko, The Pretty Rhythm gang, Amu, Yaya, Rima, Reina, Sapphire, Kumiko, and Asuka are having fun while Elton John does his Million Dollar Piano gig, and their adventure continues in the second part of the double feature, where they team up with Timmy Brisby, Jenny McBride, and Cecil saving Martin Brisby (who is Timmy's older brother) and Jenny's family from Dr. Valentine, Muriel, Floyd, Ratigan, Buzz Buzzard, The Duke of Zill, Toc-Man, Spooky, Erwin, Rasputin, Jenner, Sullivan, Ursula The Sea Witch, and Maleficent.

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