Sash Lilac is a dragon-type character in the Freedom Planet universe and one of the main protagonists alongside Carol Tea and Milla Basset. She seeks to protect the world of Avalice from outside threats such as Lord Brevon's alien army.


Lilac is a good-spirited person and is more then willing to help those in trouble or in need. She is very motivated and refuses to give up under any circumstances. Even when the rest of the doubts the success of their mission. Lilac can get very angry, but only when pushed to the extreme.


Lilac has a strong set of close-ranged attacks that involve hitting enemies with either her boots or her two long strands of hair. Her signature move, the Dragon Boost, gives her an instant burst of speed, and she has a number of extra abilities that help carry her momentum across a variety of different terrain types. This makes her an ideal character for speedrunning. Her main weakness is the lack of a ranged attack, although this is mitigated somewhat by the Dragon Boost granting her temporary invulnerability.