Savage/Noble's original form.

Savage/Noble is an organic transforming creature who befriends the Maximals in Connor Lacey's Adventures of Beast Machines Transformers. Savage/Noble is the only known altogether organic Transformer. A fateful battle between Optimus Primal and Megatron had Megatron's organic half separated, of which was Savage/Noble. Incidentally, Megatron's spark was trapped inside the organic half he hated with a passion. Nevertheless, Savage/Noble remained online and became a distinct being in his own right after Megatron's spark was removed.

His humanoid mode, Noble, is a werewolf-like creature; his altmode, Savage, is a dragon-like creature with no hind legs. Stripped of Megatron's mind, all that is left is basic animal instinct and he acts as such. He forms close bond with Nightscream akin to that between a boy and his dog.


300px-SavageNoble Savage approaches

Savage/Noble's dragon mode

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