Here's how Smaug attacks in The Day the Griffin's Came Part 2.

[music then starts playing]

Brian: This will be the day. This will be the morning.(Bring out the dragon!)
People of Quahog: We will see them dying in the dust.
Yuna: I don't know what I can do. Still, I know I've got to try.
People of Quahog: Now we make them pay.
Yuna: Don't do it, she's my friend!
People of Quahog: Now without a warning.
Yuna: Mountain, help my heart be great.
People of Quahog: Now we leave 'em blood and bone and rust.
Yuna: Spirits of the Earth and Sky...
People of Quahog: It's them or us.
Yuna: Please don't let it be too late...
People of Quahog: It's just a bunch of filthy, stinking...  Savages! Savages!  Demons! Devils!
Brian: Kill the dragon!
People of Quahog: Savages! Savages! What are we waiting for? Destroy their evil race until there's not a trace left.
Yuna: How loud are the drums of death?
People of Quahog: We will sound the drums of war! Savages! Savages!  Now we sound the drums of war! Savages! Savages!   Now we see what comes of trying to be chums. Now we sound the drums of...
Yuna: Is this the death of all I love carried in the drumming of...
People of Quahog: Death!

Vinny: BRIAN! [runs to him]

Brian: What's wrong?


Woman: SMAUG?!?!

[then a thunderous roar is heard]

Brian: Get everyone to a shelter!

[Then Glaceon uses Iron Tail on Metagross which releases Yuna and company]

Yuna: Elsa!

Elsa: Go save Nightstar while you have the chance.

Metagross: [gets back up]

Yuna: What about you?

Elsa: I'll handle Metagross, go save your dragon!

Yuna: But, Elsa..

Elsa: GO, NOW!!!

Hiccup: Come on!

[Yuna then hops on Toothless and they take off]

Elsa: Okay, Glaceon use Ice Beam!

Glaceon: Glaceon! [uses ice beam]

Metagross: [uses protect then frees himself] META!!!!!!! [uses Hyper Beam]

[Then it shows Vinny taking everyone to the castle]

Vinny: Quick, go!

[everyone is racing into the castle as Smaug fires at the town]

Smaug: Well, what do you expect Brian Griffin, leader of the resitance!

[Then Glaceon is defeated by Metagross]

Elsa: Glaceon!

Glaceon: Glaceon.

[then Anna takes out her PokeBall and releases her Leafeon]

Anna: Leafeon, Razor Leaf!

Leafeon: Leafeon! [uses Razor Leaf]

Metagross: Meta!

Jasmine: [releases her Espeon] Espeon, Psybeam!

Espeon: Espeon! [uses Psybeam]

Metagross: Meta! [faints]

Brian: [draws his Orcrist]

Smaug: Ah.

Brian: [walks forward as everyone watches]

[then he charges]

[Smaug then tail whips him to a wall]

Yuna: Drop me off, so I can free Nightstar!

Hiccup: Right.

[Toothless flies down lower and then Yuna hops off]

Yuna: Hang on, Girl. I'll have you free very soon. [Draws the Lunar Saber and cuts Nightstar free]

Smaug: Let's see if you scurry out of this.

Brian: [gasps]

[but before Smaug can do anything, something hits him]

Smaug: Ah!

Brian: [opens his eyes]

Nightstar: [roars]

[Brian then sees Nightstar and Yuna are battling Smaug and his Pokemon joined in]

Vinny: Brian! [shows a Black Arrow] Now's your chance to destroy this beast.

Brian: [grabs it]

Smaug: [as Lockdown] You see my face, your life is done! [he then swings his tail and knocks Nightstar and Yuna to ground and then he prepares to shoot fire]

Brian: [climbs onto the highest top and then loads the arrow into a bow] Both eyes, open. [shots and it hits his mark!]

Smaug: BAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! [flies up and screams in pain then falls back down to the Everfree forest]

[then Brian races over to Yuna and Nightstar and he helps her up] You alright?

Yuna: Yes.

Nightstar: [comes to him]

Yuna: Brian, put out your hand.

Brian: [takes a breath and does so]

[Soon enough, Brian begins opening his eyes and changed a heart]

[he then looks in front of her]

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