This is how save Camp Wawanakwa and Ryan conquers Black Ryan Max goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: Island.

[As Ryan, Sci-Ryan and Odette arrived in time at the bramble shield. Odette tried to break the brambles, but it's useless]

Odette: Ryan, do you think you can use your magic?

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't know, Odette. I can't use too much of it. Black Ryan Max could take over!

Odette: Ryan, our friends are in there! [ponies up with swan wings]

Sci-Ryan: Do you want to save them?[ponies up with wings]

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. But, I'll do my best.

[Ryan uses his magic to pull the brambles apart]

Ryan F-Freeman: [Straining] By Eon's beard! Ahhh!

[They get in]

Meg Spruce: Please, Ryanosa! What you are doing is crazy! You have to listen to me!

Sci-Ryan: That is not Ryanosa.

[The gang see them]

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan!

Crash Bandicoot: Sci-Ryan!

Derek: Odette!

Rigby (EG): You're OK, sis!

Sci-Ryan: That's not your and Meg Spruce's brother anymore, Gloriosa. It's someone who is consumed by Equestrian Magic.

[Ryan Everfree continues to use magic]

Meg Spruce: Whoever you are, you have to let my brother go!

Gaia Everfree: Please, Ryanosa. Come back! We need you!

[But Ryan Everfree doesn't listen as vines begin to wrap around his legs]

Meg Spruce and Timber Spruce: RYANOSA!!

Everfree Prince Gale: Ryan! Are you ok? How did you save your 2 friends?

Ryan F-Freeman: Well, I used my magic. That's how.

Gaia Everfree: [gets an idea] Anne Maria! Use your diamond shield!

Evil Ryan: Let me help! Activate force field!

[Anne Maria and Evil Ryan use their force fields]

Evil Ryan: [strains] We can't hold on much longer!

Odette: [to Ryan] It's up to you. You can use your magic to pull the brambles apart!

Ryan F-Freeman: There's too many of them! That could take too much magic! I can't do it!

Odette: It's the only way!

Sunset Shimmer: You have to embrace the magic inside you!

Ryan F-Freeman: What if he takes over thanks to the Evil Curse? What if instead of saving everyone, I turn into Black Ryan Max and make things worse!

Evil Anna: Evil Curse? What's that?

[Flain (EG) shrugs]

Sci-Twi: Come on, Ryan! Don't even think about it. Just focus on your goal.

Red (Angry Birds): That thing you said, Ryan. Not gonna happen.

Odette: We won't let it. We promise.

[Ryan uses his magic to push back the brambles]

Sci-Ryan: Ryan, focus!

Odette: C'mon, Ryan. You have to be stronger then he is.

[Ryan gains black dragon wings, a cape and dragon horns. In Ryan's mind]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. I'm in my mind. Cool.

[Ryan then hears laughter]

Ryan F-Freeman: Huh?

Unknown Voice: Thought you could get rid of me, huh?

Ryan F-Freeman: I know what you try to make yourself. I'll try to find you.

Unknown Voice: Well, you won't have to look for me for long.

[Ryan looks behind him and sees Black Ryan Max]

Black Ryan Max: [laughs like Midnight Sparkle]

Ryan F-Freeman: You. Why are you trying to make yourself a part of me?

Black Ryan Max: You know why, Ryan. I told you in your dream. You will never control or get rid of me, Prime-Prince. I will and always be a part of you!

[He becomes pure energy and it flows into Ryan, giving him a few of Black Ryan Max's features]

Ryan F-Freeman: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

[Suddenly, Evil Ryan, now glowing purple with an orange dot appears behind Ryan]

Evil Ryan: Ryan! Listen to the former follower of Unicron, that is me, you are in charge!

[Cody appears, glowing indigo]

Cody Fairbrother: You can't let him win, bro!

[Rianna and Human Rarity appears, glowing purple and lavender]

Rianna F-Fiona: You are the voice of good, Ryan!

Human Rairty: Don't give in to him!

[Matau and Bertram appears, Bertram glowing brown with a purple dot and Matau glowing brown]

Matau T. Monkey: Don't let him win, Master Ryan!

Bertram T. Monkey: Let the light empower you, Ryan!

[Emmet appears, glowing orange, blue and yellow]

Emmet: Don't let him make your past today!

[Casey and Magianort appears, glowing aqua-blue and black and white]

Casey Fairbrother: Tell him to release you!

Madam Magianort: You got light in you, Ryan! Don't give it to darkness!

[Evil Anna and Sci-Ryan appears, glowing pink with a blue dot and bright orange]

Sci-Ryan: Take him down!

Evil Anna: Don't let him become a part of you!

[The Dazzlings appear, glowing purple, orange and light blue]

Adagio Dazzle: Kick his butt!

Aria Blaze: Yeah, Ryan! Show him the true you!

Sonata Dusk: Break through his wall of darkness!

[Ventus, Terra, Terra (Teen Titans), the CPA Shadowbolts and Aqua appears, glowing their own signature colours]

Terra (Teen Titans): Take him on!

Ventus: Don't let him conquer you!

Terra: C'mon, Ryan! Don't suffer the same fate like me.

Aqua: Don't become what Sci-Twi became!

[Human Fluttershy appears, glowing yellow]

Human Fluttershy: I believe in you, Ryan!

[Odette, Sci-Twi, Mattis and Sunset appear, glowing their own signature colours]

Odette: You.

Sci-Twi: Are.

Mattis T. Monkey: Not.

Sunset Shimmer: Black Ryan Max!

[Ryan shuts his eyes and they return to his]

Ryan F-Freeman: No! I... Am... RYAN F-FREEMAN!!! The Prime-Prince of Friendship. And the magic I got in me is the Magic of...[breaks from Black Ryan Max's control] FRIENDSHIP!!!

Black Ryan Max: NOOOOOOO!!!!

[Ryan uses his magic to break the brambles and uses his magic on Ryan Everfree]

Ryan Everfree: [screams] Stop! What are you doing?!

Ryan F-Freeman: Nothing that concerns you.

Everfree Prince Gale: Yeah.

Crash Bandicoot: Ryan? Is Black Ryan Max... gone?

Evil Ryan: What do you mean? No one will cross you with him as a hero. Black Ryan Max is a part of you.

Ryan F-Freeman: He's gone.

Evil Anna: But, he will return in future seasons. I think he'll be a hero who is a part of you.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. A part of me as a hero make sence.

[Evil Ryan uses his magic to bring Black Ryan Max here and zaps the geodes]

Ryan Everfree: No! Stop!

Black Ryan Max: Ryan? Why did you get rid of me? I just want to be a part of you.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. A part of me I really need right about now.

[Black Ryan Max smiles]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: And Ryan? We could teach him about friendship when this camp is safe.

Everfree Prince Gale: We're still a part of you and be heroes like Sci-Twi, Ryan.

Emmet: Go for it!

[Ryan uses his magic with Black Ryan Max, Dark Ryan and Everfree Prince Gale to free the geodes on Ryan Everfree's necklace]

Ryan Everfree: Stop! Please!

[The geodes float to the CPA Shadowbolts, Gloriosa, Moon Dancer and Starlight Glimmer]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa.

Crash Bandicoot: Wait. Our geode necklaces could help us.

Evil Ryan: Yeah.

Sci-Ryan: Let's do it. [puts on his geode necklace and it glows electric blue]

Madam Magianort: We could do it.

[Ryan and the gang put on their geode necklaces

Ryan Everfree: It is futile! The magic alone can't defeat me. [to Gaia Everfree] Sister! Fill me with your magic and help me!

Gaia Everfree:

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