They went to find Crash and they found him and Coco who were on a trial

Aku-aku: Oh. Thank goodness. Crash!

He went to see him and Coco

Aku-aku: Crash. There you are. And what's going on?

Coco: We're on a Trial from Cortex.

Aku-aku: Oh. So that's why he kidnap you.

Coco: So Cortex. Why you Kidnap me.

Cortex: Because you and Crash are culprit and there's no doubt about it. And the reason is... because I say so that why!

Coco: This is so unfair, Cortex. We didn't do anything.

Cortex: Well, do you have anything to say for you're defence?

Coco: Of Course. Me and Crash didn't do anything wrong. You maybe a Scientist, but I'm afraid that you are not so... Smart for this.

Cortex: Are you saying I'm not smart!? I'm a Scientist not a Fool!

Ace: Hey, Guys. We should help them out.

Daffy: We could, but...

Wile: We're outsiders from another world, so wouldn't that be muddling?

Daffy: Meddling!

Wile: And even though. That's against the Rules.

Ace: But they look kinda in trouble.

Cortex: The court find the Defend.... Guilty has charge! For the Crime from those black creature and attempted to take away from my heart.

Ace: (Gasp)

Cortex: Now I will use this Evolvo Ray that I created you and use it to destroy you!

Coco: You wouldn't!

Ace: Hold it right there!

They stop the Trail

Cortex: Who are you? And I don't remember created you. And how dare you interfered my Court?

Ace: Excuse me. But we know the real culprit.

Daffy: That's right. It was the (cover his mouth)

Ace: Anyway. They aren't the one you looking for.

Cortex: Oh, really? Have any prove?

Ace: Um... No.

Cortex: Take that Girl to the Cage.

They put Coco in the Cage

Cortex: I'll let Coco go, after you bring me some Evidence.

Ace: If you want some Evidence? We'll got get it for you. And don't worry! Well save you!

Coco: Okay. Good luck!

They went off to find some Evidence

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