At the temple

Zelda has chained up

Zelda: Just you wait, Ganondorf! You'll get exactly what's coming to you!

Ganondorf: Of course I will, Zelda. All of Hyrule will belong to me, while you... (Laugh) You, my princess, shall weep at my side for an eternity!

She look over there

Ganondorf: Oh, come on. Right about now.. Link is whispering your name, with his last breath.

They saw them alive

Link: Say about what, Ganondorf?

He know it was Koume and Kotake who brought them

Ganondorf: You disobey me! You useless fool!

He's gonna blast Limk

Both Look out!

Koume and Kotake save Link, they got hit

Komasan: Monge!

Ganondorf: You will joined them too... FOR Now!

He turned huge, and they are going to fight him. They are fighting him and they defeated him, he is sparkling 

Ganondorf: No... How can I BE defeated again, by a Forest boy.

Shoutmon: Don't mess with the Forest Boy.

He has been destroy, and the Ocarina has been destroy

Navi: I can't believe it! You guys are having fun fighting, Ganondorf except for me!?

Link: Sorry, it happen so fast.

Navi: And I was gonna show him where his weakness is.

USApyon: But, Navi. We still need your help!

Shoutmon: Who's gonna fix Hyrule?

Navi: Don't worry. We should fix the kingdom again, and I have them right here, when I'm through with it!

Link: Just like the Old one.

Navi: Really? The same one?

They nodded

Navi: Alright.

She use her power

Navi: This time! Let's have tea party tomorrow, okay?

After the Kingdom is restored

Link: Phew!

Shoutmon: Hyrule is safe now.

Link: Yeah, thank you.

Zelda: We owe you much.

Shoutmon: And you better behaved yourself. alright?

Koume: We will. No more looking out for number one. I'm a new witches! I wanna help you, like Navi does, but we can't do anything to help you. What kind of a friend is like?

Damemon: Oh, no- it's not like that, Koume. Friends don't have to do stuffs like that. As long as you have fun hanging out together, that's all that matters.

Link: So what will you do now?

They do a funny face

Jibanyan: We do this, nyan!

Link: Um... that's not what I meant.

Gumdramon: Well, anyway...

Kotake: Oh dear, my back. I'm going to get some rest.

Komasan: Um, Ladies. I hope you didn't do it yourself.

Koume: Well I think we can handle it

Komasan and Komajiro is gonna help thrm

USApyon: Watch out!

They destroyed the Statue by accident

Navi: Hey! Is it my time? Was it? Come on, you guys! Let's make a another statue of us!

Link: Um... everything is fine. Don't freak out.... Navi!

Navi: I can't help it!

She using her power

Navi: Shoutmon, Gumdramon, Damemon, Komasan, Komajiro, USApyon, Jibanyan, Whisper You guys are so much. If you're ever in the mood for some fairy power, give me a shout, okay?

Shoutmon: Okay!

Link: Well, you did it again, Shoutmon. Don't forget about us, Alright?

Shoutmon: I won't.

Link: And Shoutmon... about that friend of yours, the one you're looking for...

He look down

Link: You'll find him and the others. Trust me.

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